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Christine Brown has never looked better since she left Kody Brown. At least that is what her followers have been saying on social media. She has been living her best life now that she is back with her eldest daughters in Utah and has her own 1.1 million dollar duplex. One of her favorite things about being back in Utah is getting to spend precious time with her granddaughter Avalon. Recently she shared a precious moment with the little munchkin and it was otherworldly.

Christine Brown’s Struggle To Get Away

Viewers watched as Christine desperately wanted to leave Flagstaff for Utah on the past two seasons of Sister Wives. When she brought the idea up to her husband, Kody, he acted as if he was on board with it. They had started the series living in one home out in Utah. It was a hard shift to escape and move to Las Vegas yet the Browns adapted. Each wife had their own home and started to see what it was like to truly set their own rules. Additionally, Robyn was becoming a core member of their family.

Sister Wives Meri - Robyn - Kody - Janelle - Christine Brown
Sister Wives Meri – Robyn – Kody – Janelle – Christine Brown

Christine also gave up her sole moniker of “homemaker” and went to get her real estate license along with second wife, Janelle. They also all collaborated on My Sister Wife’s Closet, a clothing ad jewelry line. Yet, when it came to moving out of Vegas, Christine had her own thoughts. Two years after moving to Arizona, the land had yet to be built on with Christine ready to leave the state. So much of her heart was in Utah now that three out of six of her children were grown.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown Youtube

The other wives loved Utah but felt no need to go back. Some felt they were unwanted there. For Janelle, she was in love with the CP property, even living in an RV there during summer 2021. Finally, after feeling betrayed by Kody and ready to change her life, Christine left the Brown family in November 2021. She has yet to look back and has never seemed happier. In a recent post, she claims she has found the closest thing to God, and followers could not help but agree.

A Love Above All

One of the best benefits of being in Utah is spending time with Mykelti and Tony Padron’s daughter, Avalon. Christine Brown’s granddaughter turns one in April but she is constantly amazing her Oma in every way possible. In a recent series of posts, Christine said: “Babysitting my beautiful granddaughter is as close to heaven as I can get!” It is clear Avalon’s feelings towards her Oma are reciprocal.

Christine Brown Credit: Christine Brown IG

Christine’s followers could not stop obsessing over the photos. One commented: “Love seeing you happy & shining bright like the star you are!!” Another added: “When they look at you like that you know your decisions are just Perfect.” Lastly, one follower said: “Oh my gosh, I love the way she is looking at you like you’re the most magical person in the world.”

Mykelti announced she was expecting at the beginning of the season. She also did her gender reveal in front of the whole family. You can catch more of Christine Brown’s adventures on Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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