‘On Patrol Live’ Fans Wonder Is Sean “Sticks” Larkin Ever Coming Back?

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On Patrol Live fans are wondering if Sean “Sticks” Larkin is ever coming back to the show again. He has been gone a while and it is starting to look like he isn’t returning. So what is going on?

Where is Sean “Sticks” Larkin?

Sean “Sticks” Larkin actually took some time off from the show, but he made it sound like he would be back again. In July, he shared a tweet that revealed his plans but hasn’t given an update since then. Here is the tweet he shared.

He said he would be seeing fans in a few weeks, but fans are missing Sean “Sticks” Larkin. The retired Tulsa PD officer hasn’t been around and they are wondering where he is at now. He also has a new show Crime Cam 24/7. There is a new episode every Friday night so you can see “Sticks” on this show instead of On Patrol Live.

Fans React To “Sticks” Not Coming Back

Fans are on Twitter reacting to “Sticks” not coming back at all. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • Is it just me or is anyone wondering if

    is ever coming back to

    I like the rotating guests it gives a nice introspection into who they are off camera. But I do miss sticks.

  • I really would like it IF they would tell us WHY Sticks isn’t on! He’s missed so VERY much & I hate when they don’t let us know why we don’t have a fave on each week! I’m praying he’s back soon!
  • Where is Sticks??? Did I miss something? New season but no Sean Larkin?

  • He’s not an every week host anymore due to family issues or something. So he’s gonna be around occasionally now. Idk every 3-4 weeks it seems? Miss him 🙁 Not that these other people are bad, just Sticks is special and plays off Dan so well.

So far, there have been no updates about when he will be back or what is going on. On Patrol Live is just ignoring the fact that he isn’t around. It would be great if they would give fans an update of when to expect him to return or what is going to happen net.

Do you miss Sean “Sticks” Larkin on the show On Patrol Live? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of On Patrol Live on Friday and Saturday nights on Reelz.

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