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Our love affair with television started when we were young. At the time, you could probably call it a crush. But TV was there for us from our earliest years, to teach us, to guide us, to keep us company. But more importantly, from our younger point of view, to entertain us! I certainly remember how convenient it was to watch our shows at the time. There were early-morning shows we could catch before school but also ones we could watch after school. Howdy Doody, from way back in 1947, was a pioneer of kids programming and, to this day, still influences children’s shows that focus on puppets (or animals or animated characters) that make those grown-up humans a lot more interesting to kids. And what is the longest-running kids program today? Sesame Street, of course! A street filled mostly with puppets (and Muppets) and some human friends that’s captivated us for almost 54 years. A lot of us who grew up during the early years of Sesame Street have shared it with our own kids — not syndicated repeats, but brand-new episodes! Play the crossword below.

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