Reba McEntire Admits Her Marriage Was All Business

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After no longer being married for over a decade, The Voice star Reba McEntire, comes clean about a big secret concerning her marriage. Lasting longer than both the separation and marriage to Narvel Blackstock, was a secret she kept for over 30 years. The Queen of Country Music admitted her marriage was business.

How It Got Started

Reba McEntire first met Narvel Blackstone when he was a member of her band. As time went on, McEntire made the choice to make him her manager. This promotion led to other things.

Reba McEntire married Blackstock in 1989. Their son, Shelby Blackstone, was born in February of 1990. Despite being married and having a son together, McEntire admitted on The Drew Barrymore Show today their marriage was business.

Reba McEntire Youtube
Reba McEntire Youtube

Business And Business All The Time For Reba McEntire

“I think it works for some people. They can be married or have a relationship and work together. Our work was all the time,” McEntire revealed to Drew Barrymore and the audience. “Our marriage was 26 years. We started out working together in the band. He was part of the band, and then became my manager, later on then my husband, but it was a situation that was always business – whether we were getting ready in the morning, pillow talk, whatever, but it was business.”

She went on to say the marriage was business even when the couple were on vacation together. “About three days into a vacation it was like, ‘You know what we can do?’” Reba McEntire stated.

Reba McEntire And Narvel Blackstock’s Divorce

The star of The Voice and Blackstock’s called it quits in 2015. This couple had been married for 26 years. Reba McEntire admitter their marriage to be “a situation that was always business.” Having a marriage that was always about business may have been one of the reasons the couple divorced.

Narvel Blackstock walked away from the marriage with a $47.5 million settlement. Despite the large settlement in Blackstock’s favor, the couple still say the divorce was “amicable.” Her relationships with her stepchildren also appear to have remained friendly. Reba McEntire maintains relationships with Narvel Blackstone’s three children, including the ex-husband of the first-ever winner of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.

Reba McEntire And Rex Linn’s Relationship

The “Fancy” singer is currently in a relationship with Rex Linn. They have known each other “for years” according to judge on The Voice. “We had talked and communicated throughout the years, had a mutual friend and we stayed in contact,” she revealed.

At the time of publication it was unknown just how serious the relationship is between McEntire and Linn. She did tell Drew Barrymore the night they finally got to gather she was drawn to him and it “was like a magnet.” That does not sound like a relationship based on business.

Tell us what you think. Did you ever think Reba McEntire’s marriage to Narvel Blackstock was about business? What do you think of her maintaining her relationships with her step children? Were you aware of her relationship with Rex Linn? Sound off in the comment section below.

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