Robyn Brown Forced New Dad On Kids Right After Divorce?

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Did Sister Wives star Robyn Brown force a new dad on her three eldest children immediately after her divorce? It seems she went right from David Jessop to Kody Brown. Yet, was she intent on making her kids forget their biological dad so they could get in with the Brown family? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Forced New Dad On Kids Right After Divorce?

Viewers saw Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s courtship at the very beginning of Season 1 of Sister Wives. At the time, it seemed like the best option for the plural family. He already had been married to Meri Brown (1990), Janelle Brown (1993), and Christine Brown (1994). However, there was something missing so the best bet was to add in a new sister wife. Along came newly-divorced Robyn with three young kids and they all seemed to fit in quite well. Kody had twelve children with one more on the way via Christine.

Kody Brown-YouTube
Kody Brown-YouTube

In 2014, Kody and his first and only legal wife, Meri ended up getting a divorce. It was apparently solely for the purpose of him adopting Robyn’s three children. They ended up having two children of their own together but now there are some questions. A Redditor started a thread addressing the short time period between Robyn divorcing her first husband and getting with Kody. The OP wrote this:

  • So I’m rewatching and I heard Robyn say she had only been divorced for 7 months when she started seeing Kody. And the kids already wanted a new dad, in just 7 months? While their dad was still around? This lady is wild.

Robyn and Kody Brown-YouTube
Robyn and Kody Brown-YouTube

She even took an old family portrait and added Kody’s face to it as if he had been there all along. So, did fellow Redditors agree that they really wanted a new father, or was it all Robyn Brown?

  • Wow. It really speaks to her lazy character and lack of morality.
  • if she was truly abused she needed a lot more time to heal
  • What’s worse, Robyn trying to find her kids a new dad in 7mths, or Kody jumping at the chance to erase and replace their dad?

How The Kids Felt

One Redditor made a comment about how Robyn Brown’s daughter, Aurora felt about the situation. They pointed out that Aurora was not happy when her mom shared she was marrying Kody. Plus, she was less than thrilled about the adoption process. Another added that the three children just had no inflection in their voices at the adoption ceremony. Things may have changed over time but it seems that Robyn was desperate to just move on as fast as she could. More so, she did not really take her kids’ feelings into account.

Do you agree that she moved on way too fast and her kids became casualties? Let us know and watch part one of the Sister Wives tell-all Sunday on TLC.

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