Sebastian Bach Reveals Inspiration For ‘Masked Singer’ Costume

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Sebastian Bach was eliminated and went home this week on The Masked Singer. The former lead singer of Skid Row talked after the show about his disappointment in losing and also revealed the inspiration for the Tiki costume he wore in the competition.

Here is a look at what Bach said and how the costume ties into his own lifestyle.

Sebastian Bach talks costume on The Masked Singer

After Sebastian Bach was eliminated on The Masked Singer, the former 80s icon said he was very disappointed about losing. A lot of people just seem ready to go home when they are eliminated, but Bach said that he really gets attached to projects he is doing and gives it his all. He said that he was attached to the “silly costume” he was wearing and he wanted to win everything.

Sebastian Bach as Tiki on The Masked Singer / YouTube

Luckily for the metal icon, he got to sing a special song before he went home. His last performance on his own was singing the KISS song “I Was Made For Loving You.” This was big for him because Bach is a huge KISS fan and said he attended the final KISS concert at Madison Square Garden before his performance. KISS retired from touring this year, with their final ever show taking place at the start of December.

Bach said that the costume itself was based on him in ways that some people might not understand. While people compared the Tiki to the fact that Bach has always struggled with alcohol addiction, he saw something else about the costume that really matched his personality.

“I really think that whoever designed that kind of referenced my face, because to me, it has that grin, like, ‘Let the haters hate, I’m going to kick ass forever,’ Sebastian said. “It’s that vibe” (via PEOPLE).

Sebastian Bach had a long road to The Masked Singer

That attitude has helped Sebastian Bach get to where he is at in his career. He rose to fame as the lead singer of Skid Row. He sang hit songs like “18 and Life,” “I’ll Remember You,” and “Monkey Business” before the band fired him. Bach didn’t let his termination get him down as he went on to appear in TV shows like Gilmore Girls and Trailer Park Boys. He also started a solo career after Skid Row.

Sebastian also performed on Broadway, which many Skid Row fans might not realize. He appeared in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jekyll and Hyde. “I’ve always been a sucker for a big production. I’ve always loved a big show ever since I was a kid,” Bach said. This was why he said he joined The Masked Singer. He mentioned the big costumes, the lighting, and the effects. He said this was something he loved to do.

In 2024, he also has a new album coming out titled Reigning Phoenix, which he said he has been working on for eight years. His last album, Given ‘Em, Hell, came out in 2014.

What were your thoughts on Sebastian Bach’s performance on The Masked Singer? Do you think he deserved to get further in the competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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