Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Is Worried About Her Drastic Weight Loss

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Sharon Osbourne has been openly candid about her use of the controversial weight-loss drug Ozempic to lose weight. She has mentioned all the side effects of using the drug but now she is saying that it has her husband Ozzy worried as well.

Here is what Sharon said about her weight loss and why Ozzy is not really happy about it.

Sharon Osbourne can’t stop losing weight

The drug Ozempic is for people with high blood sugar and diabetes. However, as with many medications for high blood sugar, it can also have a side effect of weight loss. The difference between Ozempic and other blood sugar medications is that the weight loss is often drastic. Sharon Osbourne, 71, said she started taking it in December 2022 and lost 30 pounds in four months. However, there are side effects.

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Sharon said she has stopped using it, but she is still losing weight and can’t put any back on. She says she is eating normally, but she is not able to gain weight and is now under 100 pounds (via Us Weekly). She then said that it has Ozzy, 74, worried. “He’s scared. He thinks something is going to happen to me. It’s too good to be true.”

Sharon said that she doesn’t want young girls to take this at all because everyone wants to be skinny. She said when someone is older like her, they can make more informed decisions. However, a younger girl could become dangerously unhealthy. Sharon says she is “too gaunt” and she wants to gain weight because she is too skinny. “Be careful what you wish for,” she said.

Sharon Osbourne isn’t the only celeb to use Ozempic

Fans have accused many celebrities of using Ozempic to lose weight. However, many of the celebs accused of this say they are not taking it, such as Kyle Richards. While people accused her of taking the drug to lose weight, Kyle said she stopped drinking so much alcohol and increased her time on the Peloton. However, others have openly admitted to using the drug to lose weight fast.

Sharon Osbourne / YouTube

Dolores Catania said she took Ozempic to lose weight before the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion so she wouldn’t look bigger than anyone else there. She said it just made her “not hungry” and that what she took was Mounjaro, which is a part of the Ozempic umbrella (via Us Weekly). Andy Cohen pointed out the weight loss and suggested it was because of Ozempic, which he was proven correct.

As for the drugs, Sharon Osbourne said that there are a lot of side effects. She said she was sick for a couple of months after she started taking it. Sharon did say her appetite returned after she stopped taking it, but she still can’t gain weight, which worries her and Ozzy.

What do you think about Sharon Osbourne’s experience with Ozempic? Does Ozzy have a reason to worry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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