‘Sister Wives’ Janelle & Kody Brown Share Same Awful Trait

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As it turns out, Sister Wives stars Janelle and Kody Brown actually share the same awful trait. They do not appear to have much in common anymore. This could be why their marriage fell apart aside from the fact that Kody has a favorite wife. Yet, what is the one negative thing they have in common? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Janelle & Kody Brown Share Same Awful Trait

Janelle Brown is very dedicated to her children and their well-being. Plus, she and her former sister wife, Christine Brown, have an incredible and unbreakable bond. This has rubbed their ex-husband, Kody Brown extremely wrong to no end. He hates their closeness and believes they have turned their kids against him. More so, he favors his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, and her five kids, claiming they are the only loyal ones. Finally, his first wife, Meri Brown left after she got the hint that Kody did not care if she was around in any capacity.

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As more details emerge from the family, is there something that Janelle and Kody actually share, a trait that is actually offputting? A Reddit thread was started to address a tell-all when Kody had apparently said flat out he was not attracted to Christine. Rather than Janelle come to her defense, the OP claimed she was “downright BEAMING” with apparent heart eyes at Kody. More so, Robyn actually seemed hurt by this claim but Janelle was more tone deaf and unbothered.

That is where the comparisons between Janelle and Kody Brown were drawn as that was a hurtful and heartless moment. Did fellow Redditors agree?

  • I honestly don’t hate any of them and feel empathy for all the wives (even Robyn’s dumba** kind of) but Janelle is very like “if it doesn’t affect me directly I don’t care” which rubs me the wrong way.
  • Janelle seems to also judge Meri for staying, making comments even recently that should would have left. Yet here she is, still saying she’s married to him while being treated like Meri.
  • Janelle doesn’t stand up for anyone. Look at how she won’t even advocate for her own neglected daughter.

Janelle Gets A Backbone

Interestingly enough, Janelle Brown has said if Kody Brown were to tell her he was not attracted to her, that would be the final straw. It seems that the behavior she exhibited toward Christine on a past Sister Wives tell-all is exactly what Kody had referred to. He said they were not nice to one another and wished that they treated each other back then the way that they do now. Christine and Janelle have become like true sisters which is great since they did go through a common experience.

Do you think that Kody and Janelle are both cold in their own ways? Or, did Janelle just need time to evolve whereas Kody will never change? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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