‘Sister Wives’ Proof Meri Brown Never Downsized In Flagstaff

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Did Sister Wives star Meri Brown never really downsize her life in Flagstaff as she said she would? The former first wife of Kody Brown made it a big thing that she was moving her business to Utah. Yet, she stated she was keeping a small home in Flagstaff but was that false? Read on for more details on what is really going on with Meri.

Sister Wives Proof Meri Brown Never Downsized In Flagstaff

Meri Brown made it a big deal in Season 18 that she was leaving Flagstaff behind. She saw that Christine Brown had exited the plural family with Janelle Brown quickly following. More so, Meri saw that she had a false connection with her last remaining sister wife, Robyn Brown. Though they wanted to pretend they were close,  there was no effort being made on Robyn’s behalf. She was more or less using her to keep the polygamous dream alive. Then, there was Kody Brown who was ready to put Meri in a garage with his cars.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

At the end of the day, she felt loved and needed at her B&B in Utah. This was where her best friend, Jenn was and it just made sense to move her clothing business there. She said she was not leaving Flagstaff for good and would always have a place there. However, there is now a question of if Meri downsized in Flagstaff as she said would. A Reddit thread has been started and the OP wrote this:

  • I don’t think Meri kept a place in Flagstaff. I wasn’t 100% sure if she did get a smaller place “for Robyn’s kids” but I’m guessing not. This is a view from the Residence Inn in downtown Flagstaff.

Meri Brown-Instagram
Meri Brown-Instagram

Meri Brown had taken photos when she was trapped in Flagstaff and this was the one from her hotel. Clearly, she does not have a stable place when she comes back to visit and she is not staying with Robyn. So, a hotel was her best bet which makes it real that she has left that life behind for Utah.

Anyone Surprised?

Meri Brown had released her rental and it went back on the market for new renters. So, Sister Wives viewers may see her still in that home next season depending on the time jump. Or, she may have a dummy rental for when she comes to film. After seeing this, what did followers have to see? Were they shocked?

  • Once Meri left for real I never expected her to get a rental in Flagstaff and especially not to see Robyn’s kids. I think she accepted that situation is a done deal. I’m assuming she’s in the area to film.
  • She could sleep in the attic like Kody wanted her to!

Many wondered why she was even there but it was noted she was likely filming or visiting friends. Are you shocked that she did not get a temporary place in Flagstaff? Or are you happy that she cut ties and is only there when need be? Let us know in the comments below.

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