‘Sister Wives:’ Robyn Brown Says Kody Was ‘Validated’ & Right All Along

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Robyn Brown is continuing to stand by her man as she insists he’s now been validated and right all along. A few hours ago, TLC dropped a trailer for next week’s episode of Sister Wives. The brief clip featured Robyn opening up about learning her nanny and her nanny’s husband tested positive for COVID-19. She was heartbroken. Distraught. And, most of all, worried. She feared how many people they’d potentially exposed because of Ari’s birthday.

At this moment, Robyn Brown admits she’s realized one big thing. Kody Brown wasn’t being harsh or crazy with his strict COVID-19 rules for the family. He was scared and trying to protect his family from this exact situation from happening. She admitted this difficult situation validates all of the grief he has put his family through. And, she acknowledges he was right all along.

Robyn Brown says Kody has been validated

Struggling to find the words, Robyn tells the cameras she has learned their “child care provider” has tested positive for COVID-19. She reveals both her nanny and her nanny’s husband tested positive within days of the family having Ari’s birthday party.

Robyn explains the nanny was last at the house on a Thursday and they had the party on Saturday. It was not until Sunday and Tuesday immediately after the party that the nanny and her husband tested positive. So, it was possible Robyn’s entire household including Kody got exposed to the virus. It was possible they exposed everyone to it during Ari’s birthday party.

Robyn Brown TLC
Robyn – TLC – Twitter

She regrets having Ari’s birthday party

Robyn Brown wishes she would have supported Kody’s strict rules. She wishes they would not have thrown a birthday party for Ari with the entire family. She wishes they would have played it safe and continued to distance. Robyn Brown knows that if they did not have the party, only her household and Kody would have been exposed to the virus versus their entire family and anyone the family has been in contact with.

Did anyone else contract COVID? Well, fans will find out this information during the next episode of the series. Kody Brown, however, has admitted on Cameo that he did test positive for COVID a while back. Fans, however, don’t know if that lines up with the timeline unfolding in the series or not. Moreover, fans find it more than a little ironic that Kody and Robyn let a nanny into their homes who ended up exposing them to COVID after Kody preached about how careful he was.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube

Do you agree with Robyn Brown? Does this situation validate Kody’s feelings regarding COVID-19? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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