‘Sister Wives’ Where Did Kody Brown’s ‘Greedy Trait’ Come From?

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Recently, Sister Wives fans have been wondering where Kody Brown’s incessant need for things originated. Furthermore, people are curious about how Kody came by his greedy traits and tendencies.

Kody Brown Enjoys Spending Money

Through the years, Sister Wives viewers have noticed that Kody Brown is fairly materialistic. Undeniably, he wants to “keep up with the Jones” in many ways. Without a doubt, the family experienced many financial struggles, but that seemingly only made the desire for more stuff even greater. For instance, Kody has always wanted big houses, a convertible car, home furnishings, land, and jewelry. In many ways, he bases his worth on the items he procures. Likewise, Robyn Brown has been criticized for her figurine collections. Additionally, they are often spending time at the mall. Notably, a family with twenty-three members must have been difficult to financially support. However, Kody seemingly takes his spending to a new level by wanting all the best things when the family is still needing essentials.

Kody Brown's convertible car. - Sister Wives
Kody Brown’s convertible car. – Sister Wives

Fans Pick Up On Kody Brown’s Greedy Trait

On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers picked up on Kody Brown’s gravitation to collecting things. First, one fan says, “On Kodi’s relationship with wealth.” Then they elaborate: “Given the family’s humble lifestyle in the early days, I’m surprised by how wrapped up Kody is with wealth. The houses. The expensive toys (ATVs etc). The shopping. The jewelry. A lot of this is beautiful, but come on – it’s a bad look when you have that many kids and grandkids to support. Where do you think this need comes from?”

Fans discuss Kody Brown's greed. - Reddit
Fans discuss Kody Brown’s greed. – Reddit

Other Fans Give Their Thoughts

While everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time, Kody Brown’s habits seem to swing to the category of “frequent tendencies.” Many Sister Wives viewers see his patterns to be greedy and power-based.

  • “An unhealthy need for power, control, and accumulation due to a culture of conditional love, historical patriarchy, greed, scheming, importance on appearance and not actions; also, celestial planets. Basically, doesn’t matter who you hurt, you just need to get ahead.”
  • “He has the exact behavior of someone who has struggled for a long time and is insecure, plus thinks money=status. Have you heard of prosperity gospel? Basically I think Kody believes God is showing him favor by making him rich. And he believes this will go on forever because he’s so great God will always favor him… And at the same time he believes that he’s better than other people who have less money, because God doesn’t favor them as much.”

Robyn And Kody Brown Struggle With Scarcity Mindset

Others see the correlation that it could stem from having a scarcity mindset from times when he didn’t have enough. They believe that Robyn and Kody Brown struggle with problems that led to their greedy buying traits.

  • “Robyn says something in an episode about how she doesn’t feel the need to conserve because polygamists always get second best, so she wants nice things to prove polygamists deserve that. I think the two of them have a mixture of scarcity mindset caused by past trauma and living in a culture where competing for resources is entirely normalized, infantile tastes and interests (ugly and wasteful goods rather than spending on experiences or quality, long term investments), weird entitlement, and simple childishness and greed that they encourage in each other. One reason Kody prefers Robyn is because they share this character issue and encourage each other in their wastefulness.”
  • Another fan recognizes he probably lived without a lot of extras growing up and in some ways is compensating now. “With Kody it’s all about vanity instead of concentrating on the essentials of life.He’s what my grandmother would call, ‘one who has champagne tastes on a beer budget.’”
Kody and Robyn Brown's house. - Sister Wives
Kody and Robyn Brown’s house. – Sister Wives

What do you think about Kody Brown’s greedy traits? Do you think they stem from a scarcity mindset? Do you think he is unreasonable with his spending? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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