‘Sister Wives’ Why Three Kody Brown Wives Lived Monogamy

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Although the show Sister Wives focuses on how Kody Brown was in a plural marriage, three of his wives had experience with monogamy. Keen-eyed fans notice that the wives desperately wanted to see plural marriage work, but they also were living lives that showed them a different take on marriage.

Only One Of Kody Brown’s Wives Didn’t Experience Monogamy

On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan gives insight to others when the pieces fall into place that the plural marriage was with experienced monogamous. First, the user states: “Christine never lived monogamy everyone else did!” Then they continue saying, “I was just thinking after watching S2 when Robyn was saying how weird it would be to live monogamously which honestly made me roll my eyes because Robyn literally was monogamous for years. That made me realize that they were all monogamous / in monogamous relationships at one point but Christine!”

Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, Sister Wives
Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown – Sister Wives

Kody Brown Was Christine’s Only Experience

While Kody Brown was Christine’s only experience, the other wives had more. Furthermore, the original poster offers more details:

  • “Kody and Meri : when they were first married for I think about 2 years? ** A few people mentioned and I think it’s valid Meri lived different monogamy because they/ Kody was actively finding another wife**”
  • “Janelle: was married previously to Meri’s brother for I think 8 months or a year.”
  • “Robyn: married to her ex.”
  • Then in an almost epiphany, they realize Christine never had anyone see her as number one. Continuing, “It’s interesting to me that each of them had experienced monogamy for at least some amount of time except Christine. According to Christine she didn’t date anyone before Kody so she really never got to experience dating / a relationship where she was always top priority or the only woman. Until now anyway!”

Kody Brown Had One Expert Sister Wife

Other Sister Wives fans joined in the discussion of Kody Brown and polygamy. Many were quick to sarcastically jump on Robyn Brown‘s touted “expertise” on plural marriage.

  • “Robyn has never lived true polygamy from what it all sounds like but she certainly positioned herself as the expert.”
  • In like fashion, the thread was full of mocking comments like, “Ummm, Robyn was an expert in polygamy as evidenced by her couch talk commentaries. She was sabotaged time and time again by the og wives and children. The obstacles she endured is a testament to her inner strength as a sister wife.”
Christine Brown was the only wife that didn't experience monogamy before leaving Kody Brown. - Reddit
Christine Brown was the only wife who didn’t experience monogamy before leaving Kody Brown. – Reddit

More Fans Point Out Meri Didn’t Get To Taste Full-Blown “Monogamy”

Several other Redditors mention that Meri Brown had some sort of “monogamy.” However, they point out she and Kody Brown were always in pursuit of the next wife. Undeniably, it is difficult to focus on one person when there are spots to fill in a polygamous dream.

  • “I wonder if what Meri had when she was the only wife really felt like monogamy. If my monogamous marriage involved my husband looking for additional marriages, I think it would feel quite different. I know she’s stated that she and Kody had a monogamous wedding, but I would add an asterisk to that.”
  • “Yeah that’s a good point I didn’t read there book but I think it was mentioned that they courted a young girl pre Janelle? If Kody was on the prowl the whole time they were married then yeah Meri was shorted a monogamous experience and that must’ve been pretty hard for her!”

Christine Didn’t Understand What She Was Looking For In Marriage

When Meri and Kody Brown added Christine to the family, she was young and didn’t truly understand her needs. In many of the seasons, Christine expresses how much she wants Kody to see her and desire her. However, she knew it was necessary to balance that with sharing his time with the other wives. Unfortunately, it was a source of jealousy that she learned to verbalize and acknowledge through the Sister Wives seasons. Several fans discuss how she was the “glue” for the family.

  • “It was ironic because Christine was the wife who was the most cut out for monogamy. I won’t say Robyn was because I just see her destroying everything she touches.”
  • “They even admit that when Christine came into the family she created peace! I think Christine was always the center and was the heart of the family. I think Christine was the most suited for polygamy but also I think she was brainwashed into it the most and very naive up until Vegas.”
Sister Wives experience with monogamy. - Reddit
Sister Wives experience with monogamy. – Reddit

What do you think about Meri, Janelle, and Robyn living monogamous? Do you think Kody Brown felt like a monogamous when marrying Meri? Are you hoping to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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