‘sMothered’ Fans Tell Kathy She Is ‘What’s Wrong In America’

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sMothered fans have always had an affinity for Kathy and Cristina. Recently, they likened them to the most normal duo in the cast. Now it seems that as the season starts to progress, these compliments are being reneged. Yet, what has caused the change of heart? Read on to find out what has transpired.

Kathy & Cristina, The Fan Faves Of sMothered

The cast of this TLC reality series is definitely quirky and offbeat, to say the least. Take Cher and her mother Dawn. They do everything together down to Dawn participating in Cher’s lactation classes. Moreover, she used a doll to help ensure she got all of the movements down properly. Newcomers Francia and Paula have received a lot of scrutiny from fans for their offputting relationship. They like to party, go to the bathroom, and be naked together. It is pushing boundaries viewers just cannot quite handle.


As for OG’s Kathy and Cristina, they are extremely close as the show title implies. However, what fans appreciate is that they are not completely on top of one another. It is not this overbearing situation but rather a more balanced companionship. They seem far more healthy to viewers who have seen what some mothers can do when they interfere too strongly. Unfortunately, it appears fans are now having a change of heart when it comes to the duo. Are they starting to dislike Kathy and if so, why?

Kathy, Not So Popular

Now that Season 4 is underway, fans are starting to meet new cast members. They are also forming new opinions about the returning ones. This includes Kathy. According to Meaww, she went from fan favorite to less than desirable. Cristina and her husband’s pizzeria is doing extremely well. This makes the whole family super happy. However, when they share that they are planning to expand it, Kathy is a tad put off. She feels left out as she was not consulted but Carlos does not really care. In their minds, this is the best familial decision.


Fans, on the other hand, were very much in support of Cristina and Carlos who just want to go about their lives in a copacetic way. They took to Twitter to quickly express their feelings:

  • “Kathy, you are what’s wrong in America…Carlo and your daughter are ambitious hard working and trying to make a living for their kid’s future and you blabbering and holding them back… go get a hobby!! Work the bar, you would be great.”
  • “They’re arguing about the restaurant being so successful that they need to expand?”
  • “My thoughts exactly. They’re trying to build wealth for their kids. Everyone including the kids usually works in family businesses. You needing someone to go get mani-pedis is not the priority.”
  • “So instead of offering to help at the pizza spot and spend time with her daughter, Kathy would rather be her usual bitchy self and try and sabotage her son in law’s plans.”

What do you think of Kathy’s behavior? Let us know in the comments and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.

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