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West Wilson from Summer House has been seen having a fling with Ciara Miller on the show. Fans have been dying to know if the two are still together since it has been a while since filming. It seems that West’s dad could have given fans a spoiler on the relationship. There have been a lot of relationship troubles on the show this season. Could their relationship be the one to survive the season?

Summer House Relationship Issues

There have been a lot of relationship issues this season. Lindsay and Carl were supposed to be getting married, but Carl called off the wedding and ended that relationship. Viewers saw the two have issues the entire season and argue constantly. Lindsay was always bringing up Carl’s past drug addiction and more. Amanda and Kyle also had some issues this season. They continued to argue and have communication issues. However, there were some good ones this season. Paige and Craig are still going strong and are having the time of their lives. Ciara and West also started a fling and seem to be doing good.

West Wilson And Ciara Miller
West Wilson And Ciara Miller

West Wilson’s Dad Gives Spoiler

Fans have been dying to know if West Wilson and Ciara Miller are still together. His dad recently posted a picture of them on Instagram with the caption:

“A fall visit from Ciara and West. Did some riding and vaccinated calves.”

It says a fall visit which could mean it was from months ago. However, fans think he would only post that if they were still together. Fans gave their thoughts.

  • “I hope! But it says a fall visit from Ciara and West. So like 8 months ago and alot can happen in 8 months lol. But I don’t see why the dad would post this if his son wasn’t still with his girlfriend.”
  • “I think the photo is old. West’s hair is different now”
  • “She talked about this in WWHL. It doesn’t sound like they are together…”
  • “It’s a fake relationship for the show. Maybe feelings got developed but it’s definitely giving fake af”

The two could still be together since his dad posted that. It does say she visited the farm in the fall, but why would he still post that if they were no longer together? Fans want Ciara and West to work out as they seem to have great chemistry and immediately hit it off. Maybe a good relationship could come out of the show and work out in the long run. What do you think? Do you think the two are still together? Sound off in the comments below.

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