‘Survivor’ 42: Rocksroy & Tori Speak On The Huge Event They Witnessed

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The tribal council in Episode 9 of Season 42 has the entire Survivor fanbase alive with intense conversation. The reactions are coming from everywhere. From diehard fans to former players. And now we have the players this tribal council affects the most speaking on the situation. After the premiere of the new episode, both eliminations, Rocksroy and Tori, went on Rob Has A Podcast for exit interviews.

Many angry fans feel as though Tori is the one who got the worst deal out of the last episode. She was always a backup target and had few allies in the temporary tribe of five. But she wound up becoming the main target over Drea and Maryanne after both of their idols went into play upon seeing Rocksroy on the jury. So how does Tori feel about all of this? The answer may surprise you.

Tori & Rocksroy’s Words

survivor 42 mike jonathan and rocksroy
Mike, Jonathan, and Rocksroy forming their short-lived alliance

“That was her personal past, everything coming through. You could see it. I think her reaction was, like, ‘I don’t want to be the third brown person sitting there,’” said Rocksroy speaking about Drea.

Rocksroy talks about the surreal feeling he gets from watching the episode for the first time and thinking about how he was there. He and Drea had a very special bond throughout the season. Certainly, that bond being broken through elimination contributes to Drea’s look of absolute shock when seeing Rocksroy on the jury.

“I understood in that moment that if Maryanne or Drea were to go home it would be a lot deeper and more hurtful for them. And so, I was ok, I’ve had peace this whole time about it,” said Tori about her fate at tribal.

In Tori’s exit interview, she talks a lot about how the results of that tribal likely would have been drastically different were Rocksroy not on that jury. But at the end of it all, Tori said she understands the significance of the situation and holds no bitter feelings. The question is, if Tori can manage to empathize and move on from the situation, why can’t some of the other naysayers?

Survivor 42 Begins To End

With only 8 players remaining in the game, that means we’re only a few episodes from the finale of Season 42. Will there be any more emotional, discussion-brewing moments? It seems likely. Both Season 41 and Season 42 have already done much of that. Even if the discussions get a bit ugly at times, they’re overall healthy for the community. Certainly, nobody watching is looking to gloss over these moments as if they aren’t happening. That’s important in a social game that Jeff Probst always says is a “microcosm of greater society”. Hopefully, they’ll continue happening.

New episodes of Survivor Season 42 are airing every Wednesday.

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