‘Survivor 47’ Finishes Filming, Crowns New Champion

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Survivor 47 has finished filming in Fiji and has crowned its new champion. This comes just weeks after Survivor 46 finished airing its season and crowned Kenzie Petty as its champion. However, CBS isn’t resting and is already looking ahead at a future season, with thoughts of Survivor 50 on its mind.

Here is what you need to know about the next season of Survivor and the franchise’s future.

Survivor 47 Has Already Finished Filming

Just weeks after Survivor 46 aired its season finale, the next season of the hit reality survival competition series has already finished filming. CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach said that they have “just wrapped up Season 47 in Fiji” (via Deadline). She mentioned this when saying she had been in contact with Jeff Probst.

The cast of on Survivor 46 / YouTube
The cast of on Survivor 46 / YouTube

Probst, who is also the host and showrunner, is already working with CBS on Survivor 50. Reisenbach said “some pretty epic blindsides ” are coming up” in the new season. This seems par for the course, as the last season also had some shocking blindsides. This even continued into the final voting stage, where one person broke a promise to her closest ally to vote for someone else.

However, while the next season will have “epic blindsides,” and the winner has been crowned, no one will know what happens until much later. The show still has to edit the footage and piece together the episodes. Survivor 46 was filmed in June 2023 and premiered in February 2024.

CBS Already Preparing For Surivvor 50

While fans are looking forward to Survivor 47, CBS is already looking ahead to Surivvor 50. Anyone wanting to see Jeff Probst leave the series will be disappointed, but CBS and Probst are already putting together the 50th anniversary season for an expected 2026 premiere.

Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube
Drew Basile from Survivor | YouTube

Survivor 50 will be an all-star season, the first time in the “new era” that this has happened. The last Survivor season to include returning players was Season 40. The “new era” began the next season, with the event shortened from 39 days to 26 and several changes made to the show, such as the auctions.

“We will have a lot of plans in the works… it’d be the first time in the new era that will have returning players. That’s really exciting,” Reisenbach said. What other changes that Probst will make before the anniversary season remains to be seen.

However, many fans want to see changes, especially after the poor gameplay from Survivor 46. The season set an infamous record of the most players to go home with an Immunity Idol unused. When Q ended up eliminated while holding an Immunity Idol, he was the fifth member of the cast to do so and the fourth in a row.

What do you want to see change on Survivor before the 50th anniversary edition? Are you excited about Survivor 47 , or are you waiting to see if things will improve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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