‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer’s Ex Causes Terrifying Public Scene

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Teen Mom star Leah Messer’s ex caused a terrifying public scene recently. It got so bad that authorities had to get involved and it affected more than just Leah. How so and what exactly went down? Read on for more details on the situation.

Teen Mom Leah Messer’s Ex Causes Terrifying Public Scene

Fans have watched Leah Messer grow up right in front of them. She started as a pregnant teen on 16 & Pregnant with her then-boyfriend, Corey Simms. Messer and Simms barely knew each other when she ended up pregnant with twins. They got married but that did not last long as her heart always belonged to her ex. Regardless, Simms and Messer worked well together as one of their twin daughters has muscular dystrophy and needs extra assistance. She then moved on with Jeremy Calvert and the two welcomed a daughter but then split.

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Leah finally thought she found happiness with Jaylan Mobley but after a short engagement, that fell apart, as well. She recently found professional happiness as a real estate agent but was quickly let go from her brokerage and has been looking for a new one. Additionally, Leah is working as a server but it seems this job just saw some unneeded drama. According to @teenmomfanz, Leah’s second husband came into her serving job. The reason for his visit is unknown but he was extremely heated. The two ended up fighting and the cops were ultimately called.

After this, an insider shared that the Teen Mom star filed a protective order against Jeremy Calvert. They do have a court date on Tuesday, December 12th so Leah Messer and Calvert will come face to face. Fortunately, everyone is okay as of now but the insider did have this to note: “Jeremy has shown dangerous behaviors and Leah needs immediate protection from him.” So, what did fans and followers have to say about this? More so, were they stunned that this even happened?

Fans React

First off, Teen Mom fans were shocked that Leah Messer was a waitress somewhere. They had no idea that this was something she even dabbled in so they clearly felt lost. Then, fans asked if Jeremy Calvert and Leah had gotten back together and that precipitated the fight.

  • Waitressing!! Damn Jaylan must took all her Money 💰😳🤪😂js 🤷🏽‍♀️ Lol
  • So were they back together for a little bit or something ?
  • There has to be more to this!
  • Oh wow I always wanted them to work it out but I see why now

So, the responses were varied but fans clearly wanted to know more about what happened. Hopefully, there will be some resolution come Tuesday and everyone will be safe.

Are you shocked by this situation? Let us know your thoughts about it all in the comments below.

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