Theresa Caputo Struggles With Big Hair, Called ‘Naughty’

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Raising Spirits star Theresa Caputo participated in a group reading at High Tea in London. After realizing she had forgotten her hat for tea at home, Theresa began to panic about how another hat might sit on her signature big hair. Continue reading to see how the Lifetime star dealt with her hat catastrophe and why she left the event heartbroken.

Theresa Caputo Struggles To Find The Right Hat

In the Raising Spirits episode, Theresa Caputo shared her hat-shopping experience with viewers. She was led through the store by a shopkeeper named Hattie. Theresa joked with the crew, asking if they were playing a trick on her. “Is this Hattie at the hat shop, crew playing a joke?” she asked.

Hattie called Theresa out for forgetting her attire to match her hat High Tea and said that she was “naughty” for doing so. However, the shopkeeper was amused by Theresa’s biggest concern: her hair. It was difficult to find a hat that wouldn’t mess with her trademark big hair, but she wound up finding the perfect fit before the High Tea reading.

Theresa Caputo High Tea Hat - Instagram

Image: Instagram/Theresa Caputo

She wound up sporting a flashy hot pink fascinator for the event along with a sleeveless black turtleneck. She also sported black shoes that had pops of color along with a pink purse that matched her hat. Of course, Theresa kept her iconic big hairstyle underneath the fascinator.

High Tea Was Heartbreaking & Full Of Tragedy

Admittedly, the group reading at High Tea was heartbreaking for Theresa. During the reading, she connected with a young woman who lost both of her parents. The Raising Spirits star is close with her own parents and stated that she couldn’t “fathom how it feels to lose parents.”

Theresa Caputo - YouTube, Lifetime (1)

Image: YouTube/Lifetime

As always, Theresa wowed the group with her revelations. At one point, she said that she felt like she was being choked and asked the group if anyone lost a brother or cousin in a tragic way. Surprisingly, one of the members of the crew spoke up.

Alishia stepped forward with tears streaming down her face and shared the details of her best friend’s tragic death, shocked that Theresa Caputo knew the information that she did. The Lifetime star questioned where Alishia came from and the rest of the crew confirmed that she was part of the team there to help with filming.

Theresa was able to let her know that her friend, who was more like a brother to her, did not go through as much pain as she imagined at his time of death. The crew member was left emotional and speechless.

You can see Theresa Caputo in action every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Raising Spirits Season 1 is now airing.

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