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Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is known for his jovial personality and upbeat nature. Recently, he was devastated by a tragedy that hit close to home. So, what’s the latest with the actor and everything he is currently dealing with?

Tom Holland Is One Of The Most Loved Actors In Hollywood

Tom Holland is easily one of the most recognized leading men in Hollywood today. Despite being a huge star, his quirky personality and easily approachable nature continue to endear him to fans worldwide. When the cameras roll, he is just as capable of delivering intense performances as he is a good one-liner, and that kind of versatility is a big reason why he is one of the top actors in Hollywood today.

Tom Holland is easily one of the closest examples out there of someone being respected by their peers, as well as universally loved by fans. As serious of an actor as Tom is, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that is one of the many qualities about him that his fans love.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland/YouTube

Actor Mourns Tragic Loss

Tom Holland recently took to social media after the passing of his beloved family dog, Tessa. Tessa was part of his and his family’s lives for ten years, as they got her when she was just a pup. That’s an entire decade of love from his fur baby. Understandably, Tom Holland is heartbroken over having to say goodbye to his family member.

To put it all into perspective, Tom Holland got Tessa when he was still living with his family, before his acting career had really blown up to the status that it is now. Tessa was the Holland family pet, and she was an integral part of their family for a long time.

Tom Holland - Instagram
Tom Holland – Instagram

Tom Holland Remembers His Beloved Family Member

Recently, Tom Holland shared a pic of Tessa with the caption: “Missing my lady.” Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows how devastating that loss is. You could be a leading actor in Hollywood or an Average Joe, and that loss doesn’t hurt any less.

It turns out, the Holland family planted a tree in their front yard in honor of the blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier that became part of the family. They also scattered her ashes around the tree as a sweet gesture to keep her close, as she remains in all of their hearts.

  • Countless fans and other celebs reached out to Tom Holland in his time of grief. The Flash actor Grant Gustin said: “It’s the hardest, man. No love like it.”
  • A fan said: “she wasn’t even my dog and I’m sad.”
  • A third added: “Tessa is watching you from dog heaven now.”

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