‘Unexpected’ Max Schenzel Behind Bars Again

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Unexpected alum Max Schenzel is back behind bars again. He had stayed out of trouble for a short period of time but, unfortunately, he’s back in it. So, what did he do this time to cause his arrest and did he make bail? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Max Schenzel Behind Bars Again

Viewers first met Max Schenzel on Season 2 of Unexpected. He was just eighteen when he got his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Chloe Mendoza pregnant. Unfortunately, Max also had personal struggles with addiction which was another issue in their scenario. They welcomed a baby girl and tried to make it work but it was just too much on his end. He became physical, according to Chloe and it ended. He was arrested in 2018 for theft and then again in 2020. That incident was due to resisting arrest as he was actively trying to steal a car. Max and Chloe have had chronic issues with one another however it is unclear where they currently stand.

Max Schenzel-YouTube
Max Schenzel-YouTube

Now, according to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, Max has been arrested once again. It happened on Thursday, February 8th, 2024. The charge was “Possession of Use of Narcotic Drug” and “Use or possession of Drug Paraphernalia.” He has since been released, per Starcasm but nothing more is known about the situation. In his mugshot, Max donned a gray sweater with a white T-shirt underneath and his hair was quite disheveled. He also had a beard and a mustache that were trimmed down.

So, what did Unexpected fans have to say about this once they learned he was in trouble again? More so, were they surprised or was it to be expected?

  • I’m just happy Chloe got it together and separated her self from that guy
  • This is the reality of addiction unfortunately. Been there. I hope he can get better. No one deserves a dead parent 😪
  • He was doing good for a while. 😕 addiction is just horrible.
  • It’s Chloe liking the post for me😂😂

A Very Sad Situation

Many Unexpected fans felt very bad for Max Schenzel and the situation that he was in. They know the path that he had been down and know addiction is quite serious. Moreover, they felt for his young daughter whose father is in trouble and needs help. However, some noted how his ex apparently liked the post which made them chuckle. They were also grateful she got away when she did but she also has to raise their daughter to understand this whole mess.

Hopefully, Max will get the help he needs not just for himself but for his daughter. Are you surprised by this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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