‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Finally Reveals Son’s Face For 1st Time

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Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau finally revealed her son’s face for the first time since giving birth this summer. The mother of two has teased photos of him since birth. Now, she has made the grand reveal and he is absolutely stunning. Read on for more details and to see the first photo.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Finally Reveals Son’s Face For 1st Time

When Tyra Boisseau shared that she was expecting her second child, fans wondered who the father was. The former Unexpected star had a bad history with her first baby daddy, Alex Wilson. When Season 5 ended, she was done with him. Yet, they had been spotted out prior to her pregnancy reveal. Her sister and former co-star, Tiarra Boisseau jumped to Tyra’s defense regarding who the child’s father was. In the end, it appeared to be Alex but Tyra explained that they were not together and that he had left her for Hanna Cole, another woman he had a baby with.

Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/Facebook
Tyra Boisseau/Unexpected/Facebook

Over the summer, Tyra gave birth to her son, Junior but, in order for fans to see his face, they had to be subscribers. It was hard for some to understand why they had to pay for access to her child. Then again, she had just suffered a housefire so it seemed like she would do whatever she needed to for money. She proceeded to give glimpses of Junior and then, the other day, she posted that she would be showing him off on an app. Now, his full face has finally been revealed through Tyra’s Instagram stories.

Tyra Boisseau-Instagram
Tyra Boisseau-Instagram

Fans also shared the photo on Reddit and immediately chimed in with comments on his little face. One person immediately wrote: “cute, looks nothing like Layla though sooo could it not be Alexs’?” That started a whole conversation about how he might be the one child who looks like Tyra. Plus, others have children who look nothing alike. Another added they doubted Alex was the father therefore that is why he has been absent. This was quickly disputed.

Charging High Fees

Other Redditors agreed that Junior was so cute but they did bring up the pricetag to see him. One wrote: “This is the $200 picture?” Though Tyra Boisseau did have an app event she was hosting, this photo was on her. His cheeks were a main attraction as people just wanted to squeeze them. Junior most definitely looks like a happy and warm baby. The general consensus is that he is Tyra’s doppelganger. Congrats to Tyra on her beautiful little angel. 

What do you think of Junior? Are you happy to finally get to see his full face? More so, do you wish her journey was documented on Season 6 of Unexpected? Let us know in the comments below.

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