‘Welcome To Plathville’ Family Spills Truth: Botched Season Finale?

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The explosive Welcome To Plathville Season Finale aired this week and it left fans singing high praises for Olivia Plath and throwing tomatoes at Kim. Was this a botched Season Finale with a heavily edited storyline?

Several members of the Plath family including Lydia, Isaac, Micah, and Moriah Plath have come together to issue a statement on the explosive Welcome To Plathvile Season Finale. Turns out, there is a lot more to the story than what fans saw as they watched Season 4 play out. And, the Plath family thought fans of the show deserved the truth.

Moreover, as Lydia, Isaac, Micah, and Moriah Plath all agreed in their statement, the real truth about what happened being out there was the only way the family could move forward in a healthy manner.

What part of the story did the Season 4 Finale leave out? Keep reading for the details.

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Welcome to Plathville: Family spills truth on botched Season 4 Finale

Lydia, Isaac, Micah, and Moriah Plath have all come together to defend their mother Kim against the horrendous allegations by Olivia. During the explosive Season 4 Finale, Olivia accused Kim Plath of stealing money from Ethan.

“I will never forget marrying a 20-year-old man who his mom was using his credit card and buying things for herself and not paying him back.” Olivia said during the Finale. According to an official statement shared on Instagram by several members of the Plath family, the botched finale was heavily edited and fans only got part of the story.

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According to the statement, Ethan and their mother Kim had a business agreement. An agreement they noted that made Ethan a fairly decent amount of money. Several members of the Plath family claim that both Kim and Ethan knew of every transaction that was made using the credit cards. Moreover, the family is not happy the story was so slanted and Kim wasn’t given the opportunity to defend herself or tell her side of the story.

Plath family urges fans not to trust reality TV

Within the statement, Lydia, Isaac, Micah, and Moriah Plath all recognize Welcome to Plathville is a TV show at the end of the day. The production team has one goal in mind — to get views. Unfortunately, this means the family has no control or say in how the editing plays out or what does and doesn’t make it into the episodes.

Welcome To Plathville - Instagram
Welcome To Plathville – Instagram

The Plaths urged fans to remember that reality TV is not real life. Lydia, Isaac, Micah, and Moriah Plath concluded the statement by reminding fans there are still several young and vulnerable members of their family. These young members of the family are ultimately the reason why they decided to spill the truth on this botched Finale. The family agreed it wasn’t fair for an incomplete story to cause the world to pass judgment on Kim Plath to be out there.

What were your thoughts on the explosive Welcome to Plathville Season 4 Finale? More importantly, what do you think about some members of the family spilling the real truth about how things went down? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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