Will There Be ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Season 3?

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While Farmer Wants A Wife fans got to see the farmers make their picks for Season 2, there’s still a reunion on its way. But. now the burning question is: “Will there be a Season 3?”

Farmer Wants A Wife Makes Its Mark

Undeniably, Farmer Wants A Wife has gained a following with two seasons under its belt. But is it enough to get the network on board for a Season 3? While the show has only been in America for two seasons, it has previously had great success in other countries. Reportedly, this process has been highly successful internationally, resulting in more than 200 marriages and over 500 children. Without a doubt, the premise of the show draws matchmaking lovers in easily.

Farmer Wants A Wife cast and crew. - Instagram
Farmer Wants A Wife  Season 2 cast and crew. – Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife‘s Unique Format

On Fox’s website, it describes Farmer Wants A Wife: “Four farmers from across the country embark on an adventure of a lifetime in the hopes of finding their future spouse. Women will leave behind the dating apps and pursuit of love in ‘the big city’ in favor of classic American courtship. The farmers will take their group of daters to their farm and show them what it is really like to live as ranchers do—from tending to the homestead to feeding cattle and baling hay. For the daters, the realities of this lifestyle may beg the question: how much of your life are you willing to change for love?”

Will There Be A Farmer Wants A Wife Season 3?

Although Fox hasn’t announced Farmer Wants a Wife renewal for Season 3, signs point to it happening. At this time, there is currently an application looking for the next suitable lady farmers in the making. With a basic fillable form, you or your most eligible bachelorette friends can take the life-changing steps to find a hunky farmer to link up with. Along with essential contact information, applicants should be prepared to answer what led them to apply for the show.

Furthermore, if a farmer looking for love is applying, there are different questions. For instance, “What kind of farm do you have?” and “How remote is it?” Likewise, farmers need to specify, “Do you own it, or does someone else?”

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 1 Ladies, Fox
Farmer Wants A Wife Season 1 Ladies, Fox

Making The Cut

Additionally, the application also attempts to assess what the applicant is trying to get out of the experience. Other questions include: “How many relationships have you had?”

While it is unknown if this question was added this round or has been on the questionnaire in the past, it also asks, “Do you want kids?” Seemingly, Ty Ferrell would have answered this question if it had been included previously. But this was a deal breaker for him and his ladies in the end.

Furthermore, the applicants also need to specify, “How important is falling in love with you?”

During an interview, Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera talked a bit about the review process behind the scenes.

Ty Ferrell - YouTube
Ty Ferrell – YouTube

Tune in for the new Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion episode on Thursday, May 16 at 9/8c on Fox. Or, stream the episode the following day on Hulu. See how farmers Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers, and Nathan Smothers have been since Season 2.

Would you be willing to give farm life a try to find a husband? Do you like the format of the Farmer Wants A Wife USA show? Are you hoping to see Season 3? Drop your comments below.

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