‘Nice Girls’ French Netflix Movie: What We Know So Far

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Cast of Nice Girls – Pictures: Getty Images

Netflix’s international film slate is not slowing down and the latest film in production comes from Netflix France. Titled Nice Girls, set to arrive globally in 2024, will take place in the city of Nice and will star a mostly female cast.

Netflix’s Nice Girls is directed by Noemie Saglio, whose credits include I Kissed a Girl, Generation Q, The Hookup Plan and more. For Netflix, Saglio worked as one of the directors on their flagship series, Stranger Things.

The script for Nice Girls was written by Saglio along with Antoine Dallancour and Philippe Planells.


Director and co-writer Noemie Saglio

Produced by Les Films du Kiosk, in co-production with Boogie Movie and Petite Panthère Productions. Here’s everything we know about Netflix’s Nice Girls:

What’s the plot of Nice Girls?

Nice Girls is the story of Léo, an intrepid police officer, played by Alice Taglioni, who learns that a colleague to whom she is very close has been murdered in Hamburg. Determined to uncover the mystery of this affair, she must give in after a decision from her boss (Noémie Lvovsky), who prefers to entrust the investigation to a German supercop.

This choice is not at all to Léo’s taste; who is even more exasperated when she learns that the size in question is in reality Mélanie (Stéfi Celma), an element as highly trained as she is attractive. The two women will then be forced to team up and confront their diametrically opposed characters. Meanwhile, an imminent threat is placed on the city of Nice.

Who is cast in Nice Girls?


French actress Alice Taglioni (Photo by LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

Netflix’s Nice Girls has a mainly French cast, and it will star Alice Taglioni, Stefi Celma, Baptiste Lecaplain, and Noémie Lvovsksy in lead roles.

Joining them are Antoine Dulery, Timothee Vaganay, and Katrina Durden, among others.

What’s the production status of Nice Girls?

Filming for Netflix’s Nice Girls started on September 11, 2023 in the French Riviera, including Nice. Production for the movie had concluded on October 10 with Nice Girls now being in post-production.

nice girls filming netflix

Instagram Story by Noémie Saglio.

What’s the Netflix release date for Nice Girls?

Netflix hasn’t set a release date for Nice Girls, but given that filming for it is already complete and it’s now in post-production, you can expect a 2024 release date.

In fact, the title is among the French titles currently listed in Netflix France’s calendar for 2024. For more on Netflix’s upcoming French movies and series, bookmark our preview of the country’s forthcoming output in 2024 and beyond.

Will you check out Nice Girls when it arrives on Netflix in 2024? Let us know in the comments.

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