‘Sweet Home’ Season 3: Coming to Netflix in Summer 2024

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sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024

Picture: Sweet Home – Studio Dragon

After a three-year wait, the second season of Sweet Home just landed on Netflix. Fans needn’t worry about the future of the horror K-drama as Sweet Home will return for a third season on Netflix in the Summer of 2024. Here’s everything we know so far.

Sweet Home is a South Korean Netflix Original horror thriller series based on the webtoon comic of the same name by Yongchan Hwang.

Sweet Home is produced by Studio Dragon, the same studio responsible for other Netflix dramas such as Love Alarm, My Holo Love, Kingdom, Celebrity, Doona!, and many more.

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Sweet Home Season 3 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 04/12/2023)

We’ve known for a significant period that Sweet Home has already been renewed for a third season.

Season 3 will be the conclusion to the Sweet Home story.

When is Sweet Home season 3 coming to Netflix?

At the time of writing, Netflix does not have an official release date for Sweet Home season 3. However, we can confirm that the third season will land on Netflix sometime in the summer of 2024.

The short wait for the third season makes perfect sense when you consider that seasons 2 and 3 were filmed back to back.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 release date app

What can you expect from Sweet Home Season 3?

Cha Hyun Soo vs Cha Hyun Soo?

As revealed in the second season, when a person becomes a monster, the part of their brain that makes them human is tucked away inside a “happy mind palace.” In the aftermath of his fight with the monster Seo Yi Kyung, Cha Hyun Soo’s monster side has taken over.

It’s unclear whose side the monster Cha Hyun Soo is on, but he isn’t a threat to Eun Yoo yet.

Cha Hyun Soo has some incredible mental fortitude, but Cha Hyun Soo’s “happy place” has yet to be revealed. Reclaiming control of his body from his monster’s side will take significant effort, possibly resulting in both personalities waging war against the other inside Cha Hyun Soo’s mind.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 song kang 2

Pictured: Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo – Studio Dragon

Sang-Won = MH1

In a cruel twist of fate, we learned that Sang-Won, Yi Kyung’s fiancee, was alive after all this time. However, Sang-Won has been Ui-Myeong all along and currently possesses the body of the deceased Pyeon Sang Wook. This revelation was revealed to Dr. Lim, who couldn’t refrain from hiding his disbelief.

Sang-Won had been hoping to run into Dr. Lim, who had used his original body like a lab rat, conducting cruel experiments on the volunteer. We expect Sang Won will pay this pain back tenfold as he’ll use Dr. Lim to assist him with experiments on humans or may even experiment on the doctor himself.

Unknown to Sang-Won, his daughter can turn humans into monsters. If he discovers this, we expect he’ll have no problem using his daughter to commit atrocities.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 lee jin wook 2

Pictured: Lee Jin Wook as Sang-Won in the body of Pyeon Sang Wook – Studio Dragon

Lee Eun Hyuk is alive!?

Eun Yoo was convinced that her brother was out there somewhere and alive. Turns out she was correct. At the end of the second season, Lee Eun Hyuk emerges from a cacoon within the ruins of Green Home. Surrounded by monsters, it’s evident that Eun Hyuk is now a human/monster hybrid himself. However, it’s unclear if any of his humanity is retained from the metamorphosis.

The reappearance of Eun Hyuk could be a strong new ally for humanity, or he could help seal their doom.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 eun hyuk

Pictured: Lee Do Hyun returns as Lee Eun Hyuk – Studio Dragon

Who is the final villain?

Between Cha Hyun Soo, Sang Won, and Eun Hyuk, it’s hard to call who will be the final antagonist of the series. But, given the nature of Sang Won, we suspect the showdown will be between him and Cha Hyun Soo, hopefully aided by the human/monster hybrid Eun Hyuk.

Who are the cast members of Sweet Home Season 3?

The following cast members are expected to return;

Song Kang will reprise his role as Cha Hyun Soo. Currently one of the most popular South Korean actors on Netflix, he has starred in the following dramas: My Demon, Forecasting Love and Weather, Nevertheless, Navillera, and Love Alarm.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 song kang

Pictured: Song Kang in Love Alarm, Navillera, Nevertheless, and My Demon

Lee Jin Wook (Doona!) will reprise his role as the possessed Pyeon Sang Wook, inhabited by the monster Ui-Myeong.

sweet home season 3 on netflix coming in summer 2024 lee jin wook

Pictured: Lee Jin Wook as the possessed body of Pyeon Sang Wook

Lee Do Hyun will return to reprise his role as Lee Eun Hyuk from the first season of Sweet Home.

Go Min So (Love Alarm) will reprise her role as Lee Eun Yoo.

The following supporting cast members have been listed to return;

  • Yoo Oh Sung as Tak In Hwan
  • Oh Jung Se as Dr Lim
  • Kim Mu Yeol as Kim Young Hoo
  • Jung Jin Young as Park Chan Young

Are you looking forward to watching Sweet Home season 3 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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