Under Paris Makes a Huge Splash, Hierarchy Becomes Next K-Drama Hit and Sweet Tooth Bows Out – Netflix Top 10 Report

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Netflix Top 10 Report Under Paris Sweet Tooth Season 3 Hierarchy

Under Paris, Sweet Tooth S3, and Hierarchy – Pictures: Netflix

Welcome to your weekly rundown of the Netflix top 10s, where there are a lot of big stories with some big successes, a few middling titles, and a few flops, too. Among the titles featured today includes an update on Baby Reindeer, Under Paris, Hierarchy, Sweet Tooth, How to Rob a Bank, and Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial.

You’ll notice there’s no mention of Hit Man below, which debuted with 10.5M views. Because it was released in only a handful of regions, it would be unfair to compare it with other titles (take note, ScreenRant!), so it has been omitted.

As a reminder, you can search all of Netflix’s top 10 data via our search tool. Don’t forget that you can also see all the 2023 viewing data for over 20,000 Netflix titles using our Engagement Report search tool.

Without further ado, here are the biggest stories in the Netflix top 10s this week.

1. Baby Reindeer prances into the all-time Top 10.

I don’t know if some people somewhere are betting money on Netflix’s original series viewing time. Still, I’m pretty sure nobody on this planet thought that Baby Reindeer would be such a phenomenon that it would enter the all-time Top 10 after only 60 days of release. But here we are, and Baby Reindeer is not a baby anymore, joining the ranks of true Netflix hits, ranking #10 in the list with 84.5M CVEs.

It still has a full month to rack up views, and it’s still unclear how high it can go. If we compare its trajectory to the current #9 on the list, it seems as if it can’t reach that level, but I won’t bet against it.

Baby Reindeer Viewership Over Time To Get Into The Netflix All Time Top 10s

2. Under Paris is a (Shark de) Triumph.

French Netflix film Under Paris (or Under the Seine as it is called here in France) had an extraordinary first five days with 40.9M CVEs, the best launch for a debut film not in English. This was basically doubling the score of the former first on the list, Italian action film My Name is Vendetta, which launched with 21.2M CVEs.

Under Paris Viewership Vs Other Netflix Movies

The film will enter the all-time Top 10 as soon as last week (it probably already is as of today, but we won’t know until next Tuesday), and it has a very good chance of ending up in the first three places in the international Top 10 films.

Contrary to Baby Reindeer, this success is very understandable as it hinges on a formula that has proven to be a winner in the past. Take a monster, put it in a foreign country that is very recognizable, add a female protagonist, and boom, you have the Troll formula for an instant hit. Under Paris also had some added elements, as it played heavily into the upcoming Olympic games. It’s no coincidence that Netflix licensed Godzilla Minus One in some territories last week, as it also plays into that formula. Get ready for other monster international films coming from Netflix in the next few years (plus presumably a sequel to Under Paris).

3. Not a lot of people want to learn How to Rob a Bank.

The new documentary How to Rob a Bank did not do a good launch, with only 3.1M CVEs in its first five days on Netflix, the lowest in my dataset for a new English-speaking doc.

How To Rob A Bank Netflix Documentary Viewership

4. Sweet Tooth returns for its final season.

With the first season being (apparently) a hit at the height of the pandemic in 2020, Sweet Tooth is ending its journey after the release of its third season with a launch that is coming under the launch of season 2.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 Vs Season 2 Viewership In First Week

That’s understandable, as it shows a traditional decline between seasons. Still, it feels like an underwhelming end to a promising series.

5. Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial.

As far as Netflix history docuseries go, Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on Trial did not manage to be as successful as previous true crime docuseries from its creator Joe Berlinger with only 3.4M CVEs over its first five days. It’s still way better than the previous docuseries based on World War II, so that’s still something. Did this and How to Rob a Bank cannibalize each other or is something else at play?

Hitler And The Nazis Netflix Documentary Viewership

6. Perfect Match Season 2 gets swiped left.

The new season of the reality TV show Perfect Match is not doing great, with only 2.5M CVEs for its first three episodes in its first three days. It’s not yet possible to compare it to the first season as it was released on a Tuesday, but across all the other comparable shows in my dataset, that’s not a good launch.

Perfect Match Season 2 Vs Other Netflix Reality Series

7. Hierarchy takes its place.

There have been many new South Korean shows on Netflix this year already, and the latest one, Hierarchy, is off to a very good start with 3.5M CVEs. It vastly improves upon The 8 Show with a whole lot less marketing push from Netflix. You know the song: “People will watch what they want to watch.”

Hierarchy Viewership Vs Other K Dramas

That could also spell a swift renewal for the series.

That’s all for this week, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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