‘Bachelor in Paradise’s Blake Moynes reveals if he really asked Katie Thurston to call him “Daddy”


Bachelor in Paradise’sBlake Moynes has revealed if he really asked his ex-fiancee Katie Thurston to call him “Daddy” when they used to have sex.

On Bachelor in Paradise’s ninth season, Blake sparked a romance with Jess Girod on Day 1 of filming despite their nine-year age difference, and then Katie eventually showed up on the beach in Mexico to host a Paradise roast.


“It’s no surprise that Jess’ name is ‘Baby Jess,’ [because] Blake used to make me call him Daddy,” Katie quipped during the roast on Bachelor in Paradise’s November 16 episode, causing Blake to conceal his face in embarrassment.

Former The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe asked Blake, 33, if there is truth to Katie’s joke during the December 1 episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast.

“Oh, sh-t!” Blake responded to Kaitlyn with a laugh, before taking a sip from a coffee mug. “How am I supposed to respond to that sh-t?”

As fans recall, Blake and Katie got engaged on The Bachelorette’s seventeenth season. After the finale aired in early August 2021, the pair announced their split less than two months later in October 2021.

“Listen, I’ll say this much: I’m definitely of a dominating nature in bed,” Blake continued on the podcast. “Now, do those words come out? Maybe [after] drinking a little bit, [because] it’s hard to do that sober.”

Blake went on to clarify, however, that the actual “daddy” label isn’t a thing for him in the bedroom.

“I don’t think it’s the word I like. I think it’s the theme that comes with it, the dominating theme, you know? The word just insinuates that,” Blake shared.

While speaking with Kaitlyn, 38, he admitted that a little dirty talk is “relatable” for people.

“Everyone else is sitting here being, like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy.’ It’s like, ‘No, no, no, you damn well know you’ve been there — especially after a few drinks,'” Blake added.

“So, don’t put this on me like I’m a weirdo. There’s a bunch of you out there.”


Kaitlyn joked about how she gets “really naughty in the sack after a few drinks,” and Blake proudly responded with enthusiasm, “There you go!”


Blake and Katie definitely found some closure for their tumultuous relationship on Bachelor in Paradise.

Many fans saw sparks flying between the former couple during their reunion and wondered if there was a chance they’d get back together.

The Canadian wildlife manager who works in animal conservation acknowledged how he’ll always have love for Katie, however, he insisted he’s no longer in love with her.

“I’ll always have a place for her, still. Is it enough to have something sparked? No, not for me,” Blake explained.

“[Our conversation] reiterated that it was all very much a real thing and I wasn’t ‘the default’ and all the things that played into the narrative that [The Bachelorette] season.”

On Bachelor in Paradise’s latest episode, Blake was shown breaking up with Jess and leaving Paradise alone because they weren’t falling in love with each other and something was missing.

Blake is therefore currently single and looking.

“I have recently been on a dating app to at least try conversation because I’m always in the jungle, so I don’t meet people. I don’t go to bars and stuff,” Blake told Kaitlyn.

“[Apps are] an avenue to see, aside from [if] someone DMs me or whatever, just to see who’s interested in or around my city, or wherever I’m traveling.”

In terms of potentially starring as the Bachelor in the future, Blake has apparently learned from many leads that it’s a “really difficult” and “terrifying” process.

“I just don’t think it’s as easy as what people think. It’s a cool opportunity… [but] being on that pedestal, you have a huge responsibility, not only for yourself but for everybody else who is there… There is a lot of thought that would need to go into that and [good] timing,” Blake shared.

And he added, “I’m in a new country doing a new project every month. I’d be passing that up to look like an idiot, maybe.”

After all, Blake has failed to find love on Bachelor in Paradise as well as The Bachelorette’s sixteenth and seventeenth seasons, which starred Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams, and Katie Thurston.

Blake also confirmed The Bachelor producers have never reached out to him about the starring role.


Blake concluded that he’d like to find an adventurous, easygoing and honest woman who will be a
rock in his life.

On Bachelor in Paradise’s November 16 episode, Katie apologized to Blake for how she had handled their October 2021 breakup, when she had moved on quickly with The Bachelorette 17 alum John Hersey, and talked about how much she truly loved him and cared for him.

Katie also hinted to Bachelor in Paradise producers that she still had lingering feelings for Blake.

When asked in a confessional if she still loved Blake two years after their split, Katie acknowledged it was a hard question, and then instead of answering it, she just broke down into tears and seemed overwhelmed with emotion.

Katie and her ex-fiance discussed how they had broken up, over the phone, in late October 2021.

“We haven’t talked, [but] I sent you a bunch of voice memos. I don’t know if you even listened to them,” Katie told Blake.

“I did. There were six different voice notes and I remember them all pretty clearly,” Blake confirmed.

“I could feel the emotion in those voice notes, but I was also super bitter in that moment,” he elaborated, “and so I didn’t want to respond. After what happened, you were in a relationship and I wasn’t overly excited about that. It was a bit of a dagger, and so I said, ‘I don’t owe her that.'”

Katie said she totally agreed with Blake and that’s why she never reached out again and ultimately chose to respect his boundaries, his peace and his space.

“If I could go back and redo it all, I would. I wanted you to know that what we went through was real to me,” Katie said.

Katie’s eyes were filling up with tears as she spoke, and Blake said that when he looked at her, there was a lot of “good” to remember from their short-lived romance.

Katie explained to Blake how she felt a natural energy, familiarity and comfort with him after everything they had been through. Katie said their reunion was “a lot to take in,” but Blake admitted he couldn’t think about them as a couple because it really threw him off.

Katie said she regretted how she had handled everything; however, their love, connection and memories were all very real to her.

“You’re definitely throwing me for a loop right now,” Blake responded.

Katie explained how everything was stacked against them after the show, including how they lived in different countries. (Blake currently resides in Canada and travels frequently for work).

“I stayed true to my feelings in the moment, even after… our relationship, even after other relationships. It’s always been Blake; you’ve never been a default,” Katie told Blake.

Katie concluded that she was happy to see Blake, and then when a producer asked Katie if she still loved Blake, Katie said, “Don’t ask that question!”

As Katie fidgeted around and avoided contact with the camera, she suddenly looked up and had eyes full of tears.

“Oh f-ck!” she said.

Rumors then swirled as Bachelor in Paradise was airing that Blake and Katie had gotten back together, but Blake confirmed that wasn’t the case during a November 21 appearance on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast.


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