‘The Bachelor’ alum Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown having a child


The Bachelor alum Colton Underwood and his husband Jordan C. Brown have announced they’re expecting their first child together.

Colton, 32, and the political and philanthropic strategist, 38, will be welcoming their baby by pursuing in vitro fertilization via surrogate in October 2024, according to the couple’s recent interview with Men’s Health.


Colton and Jordan revealed to the magazine they’ll have a team of nine people and the whole process will cost about $350,000, which includes paying for the egg, which is priced by the donor.

The Bachelor alum and Jordan said they found an egg donor by searching through women’s profiles uploaded on a concierge service. The were able to learn information about each potential egg donor — including school history.

The parents-to-be were apparently looking for a spontaneous, adventurous and well-traveled individual.

“Some people want blue eyes and blond hair,” Colton shared. “We want somebody deep and cool. I believe in nature versus nurture. So give us the basics and we can show this kid love.”

Colton and Jordan were ultimately able to receive 22 eggs from the donor. After dividing their sperm evenly, three embryos were fertilized, and the healthiest one was transferred into the surrogate.

Colton and Jordan told Men’s Health that they’d like to have two children, and whoever’s sperm wasn’t used the first time will be used the second time around.

When the embryo transfer took place, Colton revealed that it was a special moment for the couple.

In fact, Colton and Jordan decided to be intimate and have “sexy time” during the transfer, with Colton explaining, “We just thought that, as the transfer is happening, it’s really important that we feel a part of it somehow. Because we’re building our family in love.”

Colton and Jordan learned the transfer had worked 10 days later, but they weren’t aware of which man’s sperm was used.

While Colton admitted he has “a million” regrets from his lifetime, he noted it’s “worth it” to be able to bring a baby into this world.


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“Once the baby’s here, it’s gonna be so rewarding — and I just appreciate the journey that much more,” Colton said.


Colton also told People that he and Jordan, who recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, can’t wait to become fathers.

“That was one of the things we bonded over early in our relationship. We both wanted to be dads,” Colton recalled.

“But it’s been such an incredible experience for us to go through this together, and I cannot wait to watch Jordan become a dad.”

Colton previously starred on The Bachelor’s 23rd season as well as a docu-reality series titled Coming Out Colton on Netflix.

On The Bachelor, Colton selected Cassie Randolph as his Season 23 winner, but they broke up in May 2020 after 18 months of dating.

Colton then publicly announced he’s gay in April 2021, and he went on to marry Jordan in May 2023.

Colton dove into his post-show life during a September 2023 episode of Hannah’s new “Better Tomorrow with Hannah Brown” podcast.

“It’s taken a lot of therapy and a lot of self-work with my mental state and where I was at and who I believe I am, and this might confuse some people — I still identify as a gay man, but on the spectrum, I would say I’m 75% gay,” Colton explained to Hannah.

“There’s still an attraction and appreciation and emotional connection that I can still have with women, but I don’t want to pursue that.”

Colton said he can’t picture his life partner being a woman.

“My life partner is Jordan, a man,” he noted, “and that’s what I’ve always wanted.”

But the former football player admitted he “never felt comfortable saying that.”

Colton elaborated of his sexuality, “I honestly didn’t even know that was the case until I sat with [Jordan] and really figured it out. But if I was to sit down and break it into percentages, give or take, that’s about where it’s at.”

Hannah asked Colton if he was ever truly in love with a woman, seemingly hinting at his serious romance with Cassie, who has since moved on with her musician boyfriend Brighton Reinhardt.

“Yes,” Colton responded, “and they’ve made me a better partner for my husband.”


Colton insisted he was “100 percent” speaking the truth, adding, “I feel like I have been in love multiple times and with different women and I’ve taken things from those relationships and applied them to my relationship with my husband.”

Colton concluded that he’s become “a much better partner” thanks to his past relationships.

Colton and Jordan were first linked in September 2021, when they were photographed kissing and flirting during a romantic getaway to a Four Seasons resort in Maui, HI.

The pair went Instagram official in early December 2021, and within a month of making their relationship public, Colton and Jordan purchased a $3 million home together in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The Bachelor alum and Jordan then announced their engagement to Jordan in February 2022 after the pair had been dating for less than one year.

When Colton came out as gay on Good Morning America in April 2021, he said he had never experienced an “emotional connection” with a person of the same sex before and he was looking for a man who could challenge him.

Cassie admitted at the time she had no idea Colton was gay during the course of their relationship and was also never given a heads-up that he’d be coming out as gay on national television.

The former football player explained on GMA how he realized he was different at the age of six and came to the conclusion he’s gay when he was a freshman in high school.

Colton said he hated himself “for a long time” and was “a miserable person living as a shell of a human being” while pretending to be straight for well over a decade.

In addition to having starred on The Bachelor, Colton also appeared on The Bachelorette 14 starring Becca Kufrin and Bachelor in Paradise 5 when he dated Tia Booth.

Colton has said in the press he thought being the Bachelor and dating Cassie could make him straight but he was ultimately lying to himself and he feels badly for having hurt so many women on his season.

When Cassie and Colton split in Spring 2020, their relationship was initially amicable.

But Colton and Cassie’s breakup turned nasty in June 2020 when Colton got angry about Cassie appearing on a Bachelor special after they had agreed to handle their breakup privately.

Cassie thought she respected Colton’s wishes and proceeded to accuse her ex of trying to “monetize” their breakup by writing about it in his The First Time memoir.

Colton allegedly put a tracking device on Cassie’s car, sent her “unsettling” text messages, and would stand outside her apartment or her parents’ house very late at night, which resulted in a restraining order against Colton that was ultimately dropped once a private agreement was reached in November 2020.


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