Batwoman Season 2 Episode eight Evaluation: Survived A lot Worse


Effectively, that was awfully handy. Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8 is a grasp class in tragic serendipity with some Vampire Diaries dagger shenanigans thrown in.

To not say that Ocean and Tatiana are vampires however, actually, at this level, wouldn’t it actually be a shock?

There’s lots to be mentioned for the telenovela relationships on Coryana, and I promise I will get round to saying it, however we have to tackle OUR elephant within the room.

What the heck kind of planes are they utilizing if they will make it from Gotham (canonically based mostly on New York Metropolis) to the Mediterranean Sea in lower than six hours?

On the Island Vertical - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Let’s begin on the finish for the enjoyable of it. There are quite a lot of loopy twists flying round by the final act.

First, the Desert Rose. Alice torched the sector.

Assuming that it was the one area of Desert Rose vegetation on all of Coryana and that their liberal use of ammonium nitrate fertilizer seals the deal, Safiyah’s valuable stock has been diminished to the few vegetation that she had in her palace.

Which begs the query of why she wanted so many vegetation if it was a commodity that was guarded on ache of demise, mind-wipe, and/or everlasting imprisonment.

Uneasy Lies the Crown - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Oh, after which there’s the one little plant in Gotham.

Purchased by Angelique for Ryan and dropped at bloom by an murderer’s try on Mary and Luke’s life.

So handy, with a Reward-of-the-Magi aptitude.

And once more, how briskly is Jacob going to fly that airplane to get his sworn enemy sporting his daughter’s costume again to Gotham so she will be cured by the plant from the island that was supposed to provide him again mentioned daughter?

I’ve given up making an attempt to comply with the medical “science” of this present however math ought to nonetheless be reliable.

Face Off - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Alice’s change of coronary heart concerning killing Kate wasn’t tremendous shocking contemplating how everybody, however EVERYONE, felt the necessity to psychoanalyze her.

First, there was Safiyah with the argument that Alice simply needs to be liked.

Perhaps, deep down, within the harmful musings of your id, there’s the compulsion to kill her as a result of she’s extra liked than you. And in the event you kill right here, as irrational because it sounds, you suppose that that may switch to you.


Truthful sufficient, do not all of us?

Nevertheless, it is a helluva leap to go from “I need to be liked” to “I will kill my sister so everybody who loves her will love me.”

Until, in fact, that was a part of the hypnotic programming that Safiyah had Enigma place in Alice’s head.

Alice in Chains - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Then, Batwoman takes a swing at talking for Alice’s points.

And perhaps she was on course with the prognosis that Alice would not kill Kate as a result of she’d be accountable then.

As darkish and screwed up as you’re, on the finish of the day, you are a sufferer of someone too.


Selecting the Desert Rose over Kate Kane’s life appeared fairly pragmatic on the floor, however Ryan feels fairly sure that she acquired via to Alice, a lot to Tatiana’s chagrin.

Take it from an Island lifer, self-sacrifice is over-rated.


Random query: why was Ryan moved as much as the hillside? Appears a bizarre place to take a guarded prisoner, even one who’s on demise’s doorstep.

One Last Chance - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Oh, oh, oh! And that brings us to Tatiana and the entire frame-up dealy.

I am type of on Safiyah’s aspect on this. Appears to me that Safiyah had completed her greatest to maneuver on from the Alice and Ocean messiness. Thoughts-wipes and exiles are fairly efficient total.

Tatiana seems to be the one fixated.

Thoughts you, it was a reasonably ballsy act of opportunism because it was by no means established that she had something to do with Kate’s airplane’s explosion.

Tatiana - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

Nonetheless, the Desert Rose Dagger is a really CONVENIENT means for Safiyah to maintain individuals she’s aggravated with on ice. It additionally lets her seem merciful when she pulls the blade out to wake them up.

Slipped into the combo is Tatiana performing because the voice of conscience concerning the Crows and their mandate.

Tatiana: You are expert, sturdy, and, most of all, loyal. She needs you to hitch her military.
Sophie: Why the hell would I be a part of a military of ruthless killers?
Tatiana: Since you’re already part of one. His. Each teams are organized, armed, and harmful, however we’re dedicated to defending our individuals, when you oppress yours.

Though her message acquired via to Sophie, it seems that Jacob is decided to be deaf, dumb, and blind about every thing in his life.

With one daughter psychotic, one other useless (for the second), and the third retaining secrets and techniques about medical clinics and dealing with vigilantes, he is actually solely acquired the Crows left as a legacy.

If he wasn’t so freakin’ irritating, I would really feel sorry for him.

Side By Side - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

It was good to see Julia once more. I have been lacking her, and her look in time to dispatch the murderer was very — say it with me — handy.

That she additionally needed to be the bearer of Kate’s-really-and-truly-dead information was unlucky.

And, in fact, that information could show bunk as evidenced by the faceless physique within the sewers sporting Kate’s necklace.

If I had a nickel for each unhealthy penny.


Though we have had just a few unfastened ends tied up, I am nonetheless left with questions.

If we’ve got a physique and a Desert Rose in the identical metropolis, does that imply we’ve got a possible resurrection?

Roomies - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8

How lengthy is that physique supposed to hang around there? We all know already that the rats (and bats) of Gotham are environment friendly little critters.

Is that this the final we see of Safiyah, or is she coming after Ryan’s plant subsequent?

A ruler does not get to play by the whims of her feelings, Alice.


Noting that we’re approaching the midway mark of the season, I believe the eye might be shifting to the Snakebite and Black Masks plotline.

Whether or not that includes our bodies in sewers and/or a Many Arms versus False Faces showdown, we’ll have to attend and see.

How precisely do Mary, Julia, and Luke eliminate the murderer’s physique? Can they only prop her on the curb? Does Gotham Metropolis Sanitation do a pick-up for that kind of factor?

Batwoman: This could be lots simpler if we had a Batplane.
Mary: That is what I have been saying.
Luke: I will get proper on that after I work out the kinks within the Batsub.

As you watch Batwoman online, come on again and let me know in the event you’ve acquired some burning questions of your personal.

Diana Keng is a employees author for TV Fanatic. Observe her on Twitter.

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