Blue Bloods Spoilers Reveal Promising Cliffhangers Amid Sad News About The Series’ Future


The good news is that Blue Bloods is all set for an exciting season midseason finale.

CBS is billing the eight episodes airing in the fall as the second half of Season 14, though Tom Selleck said in an interview that he considers them a shortened Season 15 that he hopes will be extended til May, and promos are calling this the season finale. 

Either way, this final episode before the summer hiatus promises the action, heart, and family drama that keeps viewers coming back year after year. But will the knowledge that there are only eight episodes left ruin the experience?

The last few episodes leading up to the end of a series are always bittersweet. The higher the quality, the harder it is to accept that the series is almost over.

That’s especially true for Blue Bloods, which has a passionate fanbase that is angry about the cancelation.

It would be different if the high-rated series were ending because the actors were ready to move on, but each new episode has only renewed calls to uncancel Blue Bloods and threats to boycott all CBS shows forever if this one doesn’t continue.

The final episode appears from spoilers to be one of the most action-packed in a long time, and it also will check off something on many fans’ wishlists: Jamie and Eddie working a case together.

Jamie and Eddie Go Undercover at a Sober Living Facility

It’s Jamie and Eddie’s wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate it than by working undercover on the same case?

Spoilers say the pair goes undercover at a sober living facility to expose corruption. 

It’s hard to imagine what that could mean. Sober living facilities are places where people who have been through rehab live before they venture back into the world on their own. Usually, the residents have to work, do chores at the house, and abstain from drug and alcohol use to live there.

In some cases, a perp might be sentenced to that kind of environment, so I suppose the owners could be involved in some scheme to get kickbacks when judges sent residents there, but other than that, it’s unclear what this could be about.

Eddie and Jamie Go Undercover - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 10

The Married Couple Working Together Will Be Interesting

Jamie has extensive undercover experience, while Eddie continues to work the streets as a beat cop. They haven’t worked together since Jamie got this new job and rarely discuss work to preserve confidentiality.

When Eddie and Jamie worked together before marriage, they were both patrol officers, making them equal partners who answered to the same boss.

Now, Jamie’s the one with the experience and outranks Eddie, making him her boss, and Eddie is not one to take orders that she thinks are wrongheaded.

Blue Bloods’ emphasis on family values means we probably won’t have to sit through a split for the sake of drama between the two, but things could get tense.

It’s also their anniversary, so they might find a way to sneak some romance into their mission — if they can do so without getting caught.

Danny and Gormley Search - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 10

Danny’s Case Contains A Fascinating Role Reversal

Danny used to be a hothead cop who constantly got himself in trouble doing things that violated protocol and made the police department look bad. He was right up there with Chicago PD’s Hank Voight in terms of roughing up suspects in the name of justice.

Danny’s temper and hardheadedness got him in trouble when he worked for Sid Gormley, which was part of the reason Frank transferred Sid to his Dream Team.

Now, Danny is not so hot-tempered. He’s stopped other cops from going too far several times, and spoilers say he and Gormley will work together to stop a rogue cop from doing anything dangerous.

Danny hasn’t worked with Gormley since Gormley’s transfer, so I’m curious how their relationship will be different now. There’s a lot of history there, and both guys will probably want to be in charge of the investigation. From the spoiler video, it also seems that Gormley disapproves of going after this rogue cop.

Gormley is almost always on the side of cops in the hot seat and tends to think that whatever they do is right, even if it violates suspects’ rights because they’re getting the bad guys off the streets.

A Rogue Cop Runs - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 10

The cop in question, played by veteran actor Aidan Quinn, is angry because a rapist he helps arrest returns to the streets. Spoilers suggest he’s misbehaving before this event, with Danny having to stop him from beating up the handcuffed perp after the guy goads him.

Soon after the perp’s release, the rogue cop disappears, presumably to engage in some vigilante justice that’ll give the anti-cop movement ammunition and make it harder to prosecute this perp (assuming the cop doesn’t kill him.)

Danny and Sid must race against time to find him. How will this situation play out on the streets and over the Reagan family dinner table?

Everyone always puts aside their feelings for Sunday dinner, but if anyone feels that Danny is betraying the cops or that the perp has it coming, that could make for some lively discussions!

Henry Asks Frank for a Favor - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 10

Henry Needs a Favor from Frank

Lately, Frank Reagan has had an overflow of people asking for favors. He’s not that kind of guy and will always do what he thinks is correct, but that doesn’t mean others won’t try to exploit their connection with him.

This time, it’s his father who wants something from him. Henry has a special request related to the 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund.

Blue Bloods famously honored the fallen on 9/11, including police and other first responders, on Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 11, during which Frank was disturbed by the death of a former partner whose illness might have been caused by his participation in rescue operations.

Thus, it’s more likely that Frank will grant this particular favor, especially if it has to do with helping the family of another fallen officer whose death was related to the 9/11 attack.

Your turn, Blue Bloods fanatics. 

Despite the cancellation news, are you looking forward to this season/midseason finale?

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Blue Bloods airs on CBS on Fridays at 10/9c. The final episode for the spring airs on May 17, 2024.

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