Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-17-24: Chad and Julie Search for Abigail, But is She Really Alive?


Lucas called it correctly: there was no reason to trust Clyde.

Thirty seconds after claiming he killed Abigail to get revenge on her and Chad for cheating on his son years ago, Clyde claimed he didn’t kill her at all and that she wasn’t dead. 

Yet Chad feels compelled to check out this safe deposit box Clyde told him about “just in case,” and spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-17-24 suggest that he might be telling the truth.

People often cheat death on Salem, so it’s possible. If it turns out to be true, this will be one of the most improbable back-from-the-dead stories in DAYS history.

Chad found Abigail bleeding profusely after she’d been stabbed, and she was pronounced dead at the hospital. How, exactly, can that be reversed?

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Her father seems to believe it, though, even showing up in Salem without warning to announce it.

Understandably, Jack would think Abigail is alive. He was brought back from the dead, too, after coming to a fiery end in an elevator that plunged to the ground.

Still, Jack had some supernatural help from Dr. Rolf, who told Chad it was too late for him to save Abigail.

We’ll need some serious mental gymnastics to suspend disbelief on this one — but it still could be a fakeout.

A new actress is set to debut this week, but she’s billed as Mystery Woman and has said in interviews that she didn’t even know who she was playing when she arrived on set.

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Could this mystery woman be someone else who only thinks she’s Abigail? Head writer Ron Carlivarti loves his doppelganger stories!

Please check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 6-17-24.

Helping Paulina Feel Better - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Abe comforts Paulina after learning Chanel is leaving town.

Paulina’s been having a rough go of things lately.

Chanel took months to forgive her for her impulsive decision to steal a snow plow while radioactive. (I still wish that had been on-screen. It would have made that silly plot point worth it if Paulina came riding in on her snow plow!)

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EJ’s sworn revenge, in what seems to be a thinly disguised political storyline during this election season, threatens Paulina’s job, too, and now Chanel is leaving town.

Fortunately, Abe is on hand to comfort Paulina and bring in some family to help.

Stefan Learns EJ's Secret - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Has karma finally started to come for EJ?

EJ’s already lost two jobs, and if Abe has anything to say about it, he’ll lose his bid to recall Paulina and replace her with himself.

He hid the truth that baby Jude is Eric’s because he was afraid of losing Nicole, but when it comes out, he will lose his entire family.

It is delicious contemplating this idea. EJ is the kind of villain I love but would never hang out with, but he’s crossed way too many lines lately, and he needs some comeuppance.

Stefan ran across the undoctored DNA tests — a twist that was as predictable as it was satisfying — and now he plans to confront EJ. This will be interesting!

Theresa's Newest Love Triangle - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Are we in for an Alex/Theresa/Brady triangle… with Theresa’s secret hanging over it?

Ugh, I can’t with Alex and Theresa.

These two constantly fight and make up, and we all know their relationship is doomed.

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There is no way they’ll stay together when Alex learns that Theresa helped doctor Victor’s documents to make it appear that he, not Xander, is Victor’s secret heir.

They’ll have to be together at that point, or there’s no reason for the secret to come out. We have a new wrinkle, too, because Theresa secretly wants Brady. Will either of these relationships survive the reveal?

Jack is Back - DOOL s59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Jack makes a surprise appearance, convinced his daughter is alive.

Matthew Ashford is near the top of my list of actors I wish would return, so yay!

I wish it were a better story (and could he please bring JJ Deveraux with him?).

Jack may want to believe Abigail is alive, and he’s experienced resurrection himself from impossible circumstances, but his stating that she’s alive doesn’t make it so.

He’s a newsman, so he should want proof before making declarations like that.

While he’s in town, he should look into the Bobby/Everett situation since he almost gave Everett a job on his paper when Chad was trying to get rid of Everett.

Chad and Julie Get the Safe Deposit Box - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Julie discovers something in Chicago — but is it what (or who) they think it is?

It’s always wonderful when Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) gets involved in a story.

She’s the only character left from the original 1965 set, and DAYS needs to use her as much as possible while we’re still lucky enough to have the actress in good health.

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She and Chad will check out that safe deposit box — strangely, the bank looks exactly like that waiting area in the hospital or maybe the police station.

Hopefully, they aren’t on a wild goose chase as this ridiculous story begins.

Eli and Lani's Surprise Visit - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Eli and Lani return to Salem for Chanel’s going-away party!

More good news is on the way: Eli is in cuteness overload mode with his twin toddlers.

Chanel and Johnny are leaving town for a little while. Hopefully, this will be less of an indefinite departure than when Tripp and Wendy abruptly left Salem.

First, there will be a going-away party, which means some family scenes — something Days of Our Lives has been missing for far too long.

I hope EJ doesn’t crash the party. So far, no one’s told him that his son is leaving town.

Eric's Feelings - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Marlena asks Eric about his feelings for Nicole.

Yawn. This happens every other week.

Eric and Nicole are end game. We get it.

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It doesn’t make them any more rootable that Marlena constantly pushes Eric to admit he has feelings for Nicole.

Let’s get on with putting them together. Nicole’s time in Salem is drawing to a close, so the last thing we need is to waste time with endless scenes of Marlena pushing Eric before he does anything.

Brady and Theresa Chaperone - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

On Prom Night, Tate and Holly are determined to be together despite Brady and Theresa watching closely.

If you’re also a Neighbours fan like me, this story is doubly interesting because both soaps have teens whose parents are keeping them apart.

In any case, Brady and Theresa watching Tate so closely will only make him more determined to be with Holly.

He will find a way to spend time alone with her despite his parents’ watchful eye — and Nicole inadvertently throwing a monkey wrench into their plans.

Tate Wants Holly - DOOL S59 E211 - Days of Our Lives

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. 

What do you think of this Abigail alive storyline and the rest of these spoilers?

Hit the comments and let us know!

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