Evil Season 4 Episode 4 Review: How to Build a Coffin


Evil Season 4 Episode 4 had it all: two demons, a gut-wrenching development with Andy, and an unfit father trying to parent the Antichrist.

“How to Build a Coffin” played the audience like a fine instrument, taking us from merriment to tragedy in the blink of an eye.

Every episode reminds me of how Evil towers over the competition with its storytelling on both broadcast and streaming, and it makes the coming end all the more daunting.

Evil Opening Credits are a Mandatory Watch

Who else consistently enjoys Evil’s opening credits?

Not only do they excellently make every opening wholly unique to the story being told for a particular episode, but They also speak directly to you should you be so bold as to attempt to skip the remainder.

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“How to Build a Coffin” had a message aimed directly at someone in the audience (although I doubt that’s true, it’s a fun thought!).


The sense of humor behind this show will be truly missed.

Caring for the Anti-Christ - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

Leland’s Attempts to Parent the Antichrist

Leland is good at two things: being aggravating and planning the rise of the Antichrist.

Unfortunately for him, he’s not only paving the way for the Antichrist; he’s also its father. Fatherhood and Leland do not mix, but it gives those of us who do find him aggravating to revel in his misery.

Has the man watched no movies relating to the subject matter? Every portrayal of possession comes with plenty of grotesqueries, and this tiny baby has made projectile vomiting an art form.

Still, you don’t need to be an expert to consider that maybe locking the devil’s kid in a closet and ignoring its cries might not go over well. I mean, who whines about the antichrist when they’re trying to conquer the world together?

Wouldn’t it have been a hoot if, instead of Sheryl finding the baby, the devil himself had made an appearance to chastise Leland?

Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and what happened with Sheryl’s arrival set an entirely different ploy into motion.

Sheryl Screams - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

Leland Tries to Destroy Kristen for the Benefit of the Antichrist

Evil Season 4 Episode 3 made it seem as if Sheryl was working inside of the organization to take down Leland, and while she may still be doing that, she’s also playing with fire.

Merely by discovering that Kristen’s voice calmed the baby, she unwittingly set into motion a macabre plan for Andy to kill his daughter, Laura, thereby bringing Kristen closer to the fold.

This may be the most evil thing that Leland has ever done. Patrick Brammell was incredible in these scenes, from the single tears streaming down his face to how hard he fought against his master’s orders.

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He ultimately succeeded, which was easy to predict. Jamming the needle into himself, he saved Laura and effectively set himself up to be eliminated from his family.

It was heartbreaking that his last engagement with the girls made him a monster who delighted them to giggles, but not as much as the words exchanged between Andy and Laura.

Whether or not this will draw Kristen closer to the baby remains to be seen, but there is another hole in her heart, so she may try to fill it.

Comforting Andy - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

Sister Andrea Dances with Demons

Does anyone understand why Sister Andrea’s ability to view demons is not taken seriously on Evil?

You’d think that the number of times her antics lead to resolutions would finally take her out of the realm of being seen as the goofy Sister.

Father Ingatius’s side wound was pretty gross. It housed a cute little demon who was expelling his insides and filling it up with rocks, and the visuals were quite effective.

Tommy claimed he was about futility and meaninglessness before revealing a big secret about Sister Andrea to viewers. She loved a man named Paul for six brief months before he passed.

Paul would have given up everything for Andrea, but she wouldn’t give up God. The look on her face said it was a decision she still questions today.

Sister Andrea Reflects - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

Tommy, the Demon of Grief

Tommy was the demon of grief and messing with Father Ignatius, whose grief was his comfort. In other words, Father was wallowing in his grief.

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Sister Andrea’s inside information allowed the two to finally connect over the many they both loved and lost, and she killed the demon, no exorcism required.

It’s a great parable of grief, which so many of us experience but fail to share, instead letting it eat us up inside. The demon was cute, but none of us needs one gnawing away at us and weighing us down.

Working Together - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

An Assessment of … Flubbing Your Words

The larger demon was a parasite, living off of everyone’s words. Given the material, he was a bit of a glutton, and he was imperative to the assessment.

The episode’s assessment made me want to call the local Parish to find out if they had an assessment team available to help me exercise my demons.

This particular case was revealed to be a true supernatural event, but it’s unlikely anyone but Sister Andrea will ever believe it.

Kristen wanted it to be a neuro-storm or even social mirroring, but that didn’t account for the rapidity of the affliction racing from person to person.

Chopping Demons - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

Kristen Needs an Open Mind

Why did Kristen visit Boggs for assistance with her mental acuity when she knew she was actively assessing a man who had experienced the same thing?

I’m super stubborn when it comes to faith and God, but if the evidence begins piling up, I would be eager to follow it. Kristen is closed-minded when it comes to a higher power, which doesn’t entirely mesh with the whole scientific community.

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The more you read, the more you learn that even scientists who struggle with a higher power admit that the evidence for intelligent design can be overwhelming.

Here’s some irony for you: While writing this review, I struggled with the phrase “intelligent design” and had to resort to AI to narrow it down. The devil’s inside!

Sister Andrea 2, assessors 0.

Consulting Boggs - Evil

Ben’s Jinn Makes Calls for Him and Forces Him to View Kristen as a Sexual Object

Did Ben have a Jinn, or was it only the ion beam messing with his head? And if it was only the beam, does that mean that he does view Kristen sexually? Who knows?

We’ve still got a way to go on this story,

However, discussing the multiverse theory and the id and ego is always worth the detour. Ben’s detours took him down a fantastical and verified sexual path, so good for him!

There wasn’t a resolution to his issues here, so the story will continue. I’m interested to see if Ben begins to question his staunch scientific stance by giving more thought to the possibilities that other forces may be at play.

If the series ends on the right note, nothing should be written in stone, and everybody should have a big question mark floating above their head.

Over His Head - Evil S04E04 - How to Build a Coffin

If you’re watching Evil, please let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to chat with you about some of what they bring up.

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How open are you to new ideas and possibilities?

And how does a show like Evil help wrap your head around them?

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