From Pit Lane to Prime Time: How ‘NASCAR: Full Speed’ is Mirroring the Success of ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’


“NASCAR: Full Speed” is a dynamic documentary series on Netflix that provides an insider’s view into the world of NASCAR, similar to how “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” offers a peek behind the scenes of Formula 1 racing.

The series dives deep into the personal and professional lives of the drivers, teams, and various stakeholders involved in NASCAR, offering viewers a nuanced perspective of the racing world. The approach not only highlights the intense competition and strategic intricacies of the sport but also humanizes the drivers and their teams, making it an engaging watch for both die-hard NASCAR enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Strategic Impact on Viewership

Since the release of “NASCAR: Full Speed” on Netflix, the series has enjoyed high viewership numbers, consistently ranking in the Netflix Top 10 in several countries. It broke into the top 5 most-watched shows in both the US and Canada shortly after its release, and it maintained high rankings in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, and the UK. This international popularity is a testament to the series’ appeal and effectiveness in drawing viewers.

The impact of “NASCAR: Full Speed” extends beyond just Netflix metrics. The documentary has significantly influenced NASCAR’s own television ratings, with a noticeable uptick in viewership across multiple races post-release. Importantly, a large proportion of these viewers were reported to be new to NASCAR, indicating that the series has played a crucial role in attracting a fresh audience to the sport.

Sports Documentaries and Fan Engagement

Sports documentaries like “NASCAR: Full Speed” and “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” play a pivotal role in promoting their respective sports on a global scale. These series not only increase the visibility of sports but also enhance understanding and appreciation among new audiences worldwide.

The storytelling techniques employed make the technical aspects of racing accessible and thrilling, contributing significantly to the growth and globalization of sports such as NASCAR and Formula 1.

The narrative style of “NASCAR: Full Speed” goes beyond mere race coverage, delving into the drama, rivalries, and personal stories of the drivers and teams. This method of storytelling captures the attention of viewers, making the technical details of racing comprehensible and exciting. It fosters a deeper emotional connection with the sport, thereby enhancing fan engagement and loyalty.

Economic and Commercial Impact

The surge in popularity and viewership due to “NASCAR: Full Speed” has not only increased the sport’s fanbase but also its attractiveness to sponsors. With more people watching the races, both live and on television, the sport has seen an influx of sponsorship opportunities. Brands are more eager to associate with NASCAR, seeing the potential for wide exposure among diverse audiences.

The move by NASCAR could pay dividends in growing the sport on a global level. More eyes will naturally bring more fans which in the end could lead to more sponsorship deals. You can see your favorite driver in one of the many brands that their race car might be wrapped in for the race. Kyle Bush in the colorful M&M car, Denny Hamlin in the FedEx orange and purple color scheme, or Austin Dillion in the slick black and gold BetMGM sponsored car.

Summary of NASCAR: Full Speed’s Achievements

“NASCAR: Full Speed” has established itself as a significant media venture that has expanded NASCAR’s reach and engaged new fans across the globe. Its success on Netflix has mirrored that of “Formula 1: Drive to Survive,” proving that well-crafted sports documentaries can significantly influence the popularity and perception of a sport.

The series has not only boosted NASCAR‘s ratings but also brought in new audiences, ensuring that the sport continues to grow and evolve in the modern media landscape.

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