Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Life is What Happens


Weddings are never dull events.

The relationships during Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14 were front and center; some took some significant steps while others took some steps back.

However, those final moments brought all the drama.

Beautiful Bride  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

It’s always lovely when Jazmin guest-stars during an installment, and it was beautiful to see her happy, in love, and married. Despite Jazmin not appearing on the series with the frequency of other characters, she’s had such an incredible arc over time.

She’s come a long way in her family after so many years of a strained relationship with her parents, who didn’t accept that she was transgender.

Blushing Bride  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

When you think about our introduction to that dynamic with the Martinez family and compare it to where they are now, it warms your heart and fills it with joy.

They also kept things realistic. Mr. Martinez was in his feelings about the fact that he didn’t get to be the one to walk Jazmin down the aisle, but he also understood and accepted that it wasn’t an honor he earned.

Isabella: Why aren’t they together?
Gael: I guess they just can’t get on the same page at the same time.

However, the moment they had their father-daughter dance, it was enough to bring tears to your eyes. He didn’t have her back for many years, but he’s there for her now.

They can’t change the past, but they can grow from it and move forward, and you can bet that Jazmin never imagined she’d be at this point in her life where she found someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and had the unwavering support of her entire family.

Proud Papa  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

It made the wedding a truly special event. And Jazmin was a beautiful and incredibly gracious bride since she encouraged Gael to tell the family about his relationship with Isabella.

Abuelo is such an underrated character. He always has pearls of wisdom to bestow upon Gael and others. I loved learning that he, too, was an artist. It’s something that bonds him and Gael, and it made the advice he gave him carry much more weight.

He knew what it was like for art to be his passion, but he also recognized that his family meant so much more to him. Abuelo didn’t have to make a full career out of his art to prove that he was an artist, and he didn’t mind shifting his focus to his family, with his art serving as his love and hobby.

It’s something Gael needed to hear. When we met him, he was a graphic designer. Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous and liberating as focusing on his personal art 100%, but it paid well and allowed him to support himself. It didn’t make him any less of an artist.

Martinez Family  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

And Gael working at his father’s company won’t change that he’s an artist. But it will provide him with a steadier income.

It was absolutely incredible that Isabella got in her feelings about Gael not telling his parents they were together when she was still keeping so much from him.

Sometimes what seems like a sacrifice is just a choice.


You could understand Gael’s position where he didn’t want the news to lead to his parents pressuring them. He tried to spare Isabella that.

His grand gesture of announcing it to everyone to indulge her was extra as hell, but their sweet scene in bed made up for that. Gael’s proposal was cute, too. No, he didn’t have a ring or got down on his knee, and it did feel like they were wrapped up in the post-nuptial bliss that happens.

Walking Down the Aisle - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

However, it felt real, and there wasn’t any doubt that he was only doing it for the sake of their family but instead due to his feelings.

Gael and Isabella, as a pairing, have unfolded nicely, and they have a way of growing on you, but there are still so many issues they need to work through. I hope this is a long engagement.

Isabella, you and the baby are my passion. I want to marry you.


They have such strong codependency with one another, and the respective emotional baggage they bring to the relationship is a lot. It’s also been frustrating that they’ve both kept secrets from each other about things that could impact both of them.

It’s no way on earth Isabella should’ve gone this long without telling Gael about her parents, the adoption blackmail stuff, and the vandalism. It affected him too, and he didn’t deserve to be blindsided.

Struggling To Find Forgiveness - Good Trouble

The scene of the cops arresting Isabella in the Coterie was intense. It set everyone on edge and shocked them. No one knows what to do about it either.

They’re supposed to be a family, so they should’ve been prepared. It was like Isabella thought if she kept ignoring her father, everything would stop, and he’d go away.

Frankly, she should’ve faced the music right out the gate. The worst part about blackmail is that even if you give in, the person won’t stop. It was probably much easier to face the music and get a proper lawyer.

It’s too bad Callie isn’t around anymore!

The Wedded -tall - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

Gael and Isabella were a different kind of messy during the wedding reception when they tipped Ryan off about Denvia. It was awkward, but nothing topped Ryan’s icy treatment of Davia in the bathroom.

She’s known Dennis all of ten minutes. She shouldn’t have been that territorial at all. But at least she got around to having an actual conversation with Dennis instead of the childish bathroom stuff she was doing before with Davia.

The snapbacks between the two were catty.

Interestingly, Dennis is committed to Ryan, and he assured her that he is looking for something serious and finds that with her.

Dating Pool -tall - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 10

He put to bed that he and Davia are anything other than friends, and it’s a sizable blow to the Denvia shippers who were holding out hope that they’d find their way back to each other sometime soon.

Right now, it feels like Dennis and Ryan may last a bit. She’s even settled into the Coterie, which is something we haven’t seen from either his or Davia’s previous spouses.

Davia told Dennis to pursue Ryan, so she shot herself in the foot with this one. They’ve been on this merry-go-round for so long that I don’t know if the timing will ever be right or if they’ve missed their window.

Sweet Luca could see Davia hurting, and he tried to be of assistance. He’s such a lovable character, and he continues to light up the screen when he’s on it. His scene with Abuelo was special, and you hope he can connect with some biological family so he can feel more grounded.

Playing Photographer  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

He also caught one of the most vulnerable, revealing moments from Kelly we’ve ever had on the series. She’s been around long enough to have more depth to her character.

They provided us with so much about her in mere minutes, explaining her character and how she functions. Personally, I found that moment more fulfilling and satisfying than the usual humorous antics they go for her when it comes to her.

I know you have always been selfish and you have forsaken God and this family, but this is your sister.

Ms. Perez

And it made the sheer second hand-embarrassment and ridiculousness of her getting angry at Mariana for violating the “Girl Code” because she had “dibs” on Joaquin bearable.

You cannot lay claim to a human being, people. And Joaquin hasn’t paid her the time of day, and she was borderline sexual harassing him while the series played it up for laughs, so it was always uncomfortable.

Good Times with Kelly  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 1

Joaquin’s interest has always been directed at Mariana. Although, he was lashing out at her something fierce at the top of the hour.

I’m glad he apologized for it later. Joaquin has a lot on his plate with this situation with his sister. But his mother doesn’t make things better. That phone call was terrible.

No wonder Jenna and Joaquin left their mother behind if she spoke about them the way she did. My heart hurt for Joaquin when his mother called him selfish, accused him of forsaking God and the family, and demanded that he do something.

I just don’t know what he can do, though.

Apologies  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

Joaquin and Mariana are in a decent place. Still, Sumi and Alice are finally in a better one, and they’ve building toward these two rekindlings their relationship for a while, so it’s a relief we got the payoff.

Alice had to make things right and did it the cutest way. I’m relieved that we get to move forward with them, and they’re no longer fake dating or fighting about manager stuff.

Sumi has come a long way in becoming a more multi-dimensional character who has earned Alice’s love. And this couple is coming to fruition at the right time where they’ve both done the work feels promising.

Sadly, while we got Sumi and Alice, we lost Malika and Angelica.

The Happy Place  - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

Why is it so hard for Malika to find a healthy, happy relationship? She and Angelica had some fantastic chemistry, but too many obstacles kept getting in the way.

Lucia caused some issues for them, but namely, it was Malika’s sexuality. They both loved each other so much, but it hurt them more than anything else.

Loving you is starting to hurt.


They had an amicable breakup, and it was wrought with so much emotion. It was the maturest decision they could make for themselves.

Angelica couldn’t handle their relationship. She tried, but it wasn’t for her, and it hurt her too much, and that was totally fair and human. And Malika needs someone who can accept her polyamory without it being an issue or respect her passion for her job.

Ending Amicably -tall - Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 14

It still sucks to see these two breakup, though.

The hour showed that they’ll giveth but then taketh away.

Over to you, Good Trouble Fanatics. What are your thoughts on the Gael and Isabella engagement and Isabella’s arrest? Sound off below!

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