Interview With The Vampire – Don’t Be Afraid, Start the Tape – Review: A Flashback of Unfortunate Events


This week’s episode of Interview with the Vampire focused on just three characters – Louis, Armand and a young Daniel (Luke Brandon Field). We were treated to a brilliant flashback episode. Fans were finally told the story of what happened during Louis and Daniel’s first interview and as suspected it was a mess. 

Armand leaves to hunt and Louis wants to continue the story but Daniel is still seeing flashbacks. After pressing Louis they both begin to piece together what happened during their first meeting back in the seventies. Louis brings Daniel back to his apartment and offers him drugs. A funny moment in this setup was Daniel asking Louis if they were together and we see a young Daniel immediately take his shirt off thinking that is what Louis wanted. 
“Don’t Be Afraid, Start the Tape” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Luke Brandon Field as Young Daniel Molloy. Photo: Larry Horricks/AMC Network Entertainment LLC/©2024. All Rights Reserved

While Louis showed no romantic interest in Daniel, asking present Daniel if he wanted to while Armand was out on his hunt offered a small dose of comedy. Louis told his story to a young Daniel but in a completely different way. Even his vampire reveal felt unlike Louis. He rushed the story, explained Lestat as a monster and you could feel the pain when he described him but he was so full of anger and regret. It offered a freshness and added another layer to Louis. 
Of course, Daniel admittedly handled the situation all wrong and asked for the Dark Gift. It showed how inexperienced he was as a journalist but to his defense he had taken a large amount of drugs. This enraged Louis who attacked him. Daniel was saved of course by Armand which led to Louis and Armand having the argument that was probably brewing for centuries. 
“Don’t Be Afraid, Start the Tape” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Assad Zaman as Armand. Photo: AMC Network Entertainment LLC/©2024. All Rights Reserved

Their argument was raw and real and the audience probably wanted to say the same things to these characters as well. Louis is always talking about Lestat and Claudia, feeling sorry for himself and Armand never being able to live up to Lestat in any way. Again, the audience could feel that these emotions and thoughts were buried and needed to come to the light. It’s just a shame poor Daniel was used in this way and basically tortured in that apartment for a week. 
The argument held multiple purposes. In a shocking twist, Louis ran to the sun to commit suicide and Armand saves him. Also, while Louis and Armand let words slip out that they had wanted to for years, we also got to see Armand flex his ancient power which is always fun to watch as a viewer. One piece I did not expect was Armand telepathically calling out to Lestat and allowing him to have a conversation with Louis through him. 
The other characters were missing this episode so to hear Lestat’s voice was a brilliant way to include him in the episode. He told Louis that he loved him but Armand would not articulate that back to Louis and Louis saying no over and over again because he could not dare respond to Lestat. Scenes like this make it hard not to root for this toxic couple. I mean in a world of vampires, is any relationship not toxic? 
In the end, when learned that Armand had changed the memories of both Louis and Daniel. They come to this realization together and may have formed some type of weird friendship in the process. Their confrontation with Armand will no doubt be epic. 

“Don’t Be Afraid, Start the Tape” – INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Pictured: Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy. Photo: AMC Network Entertainment LLC/©2024. All Rights Reserved

I have always enjoyed a break from the main story to provide the audience with some background and “Don’t Be Afraid, State the Tape” did not disappoint. Another great episode in a season of great episodes so far. Next week we return to the Paris story and I am curious to see what becomes of Claudia throughout the remaining season.
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