Manifest Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The Final Descent


Buckle up, Manifest Fanatics, because we’re in for a wild ride to the finish line.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 11 set the wheels in motion for the final descent in an interesting fashion, but it took about half the episode for things to kick into high gear.

Manifest delivers stellar cliffhangers, but damn, I did not expect Captain Daly to resurface so soon — or ever, to be honest.

In the name of bringing things full circle, “The Final Descent” featured many callbacks to past episodes, making it feel like everything we’ve witnessed on the series so far will come back into play before we reach the final scene.

Captain Daly’s return was undoubtedly a shocker because it highlighted that while Vance and Saanvi may be connected, the government is hiding plenty from them.

Vance Saves the Day - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

The big surprise is how Vance is allowed to be a part of the search and care for the 828ers when you consider his close relationship with many of them.

Then again, maybe the Registry and whoever is watching over everything think Vance is better in this kind of setting because he, too, can be easier to manage.

If you watch Manifest online then you know Vance has been an asset to the 828ers, and I doubt the series will ever stray too far from that. He’s a confidante who pops up when it seems the net is closing in.

That said, I would have liked more of a struggle for Ben and Michaela in their escape from the compound.

Ben Plots - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Treating the passengers like prisoners and doling out dead or alive rewards of $50,000 per 828er leads me to believe the government is interested in keeping them locked up.

Sure, Ben and Michaela are resourceful, but taking their escape seriously was difficult. Maybe Vance helping them will lead to some repercussions down the line because conveniences like this take you out of the fun of the show.

Vance is adamant about keeping everyone safe and avoiding the dreaded death date, but it’s hard to tell what happened at the apple orchard.

Was it another plane — possibly driven by Captain Daly? So many possibilities, but it’s time we started getting some concrete answers. This is the final season!

Saanvi is Unsure - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Ben and Michaela returning home to see the kids before embarking on their deadly mission was ridiculous, too.

They should have sent a message to meet somewhere else and left it at that because how did they know the authorities weren’t already listening into everything in the Stone house?

If the series has taught us anything, the Stones should never be counted out because they’re always working various angles to secure their safety.

Michaela’s pain as she tried to bounce back following Zeke’s sacrifice was heartbreaking.

Finding a Calling - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Melissa Roxburgh and Matt Long showcased raw emotion during their scenes together here.

The Manifest Season 4, Part 2 trailer already spoiled Long’s return as Zeke, but like everything else on this show, it’s hard not to question why Zeke is sending messages from the Divine Consciousness to his widow.

At the beginning of Manifest Season 4 Episode 11, Michaela was checked out of the mission because her husband made the ultimate sacrifice. Who can blame her?

Watching others be happy when your happiness has been robbed is hard. I felt for her when she returned home and had to face Cal.

Cal's Epiphany - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Surely, Cal’s living reminds Michaela of Zeke’s sacrifice, so it will take some time for Michaela to move on.

With Michaela and Ben being the co-captains of the Lifeboat, they need to have their eyes on the prize as they navigate these final months before the death date.

We’ve witnessed the dead reanimated on Manifest countless times, but I hope these messages from Zeke are legitimate and highlight the power of their love for one another.

Fans of the couple were left in bits following Manifest Season 4 Episode 10, so it would be nice for these messages to carry meaning and not have anything to do with manipulation.

Glowing Dragon Tattoo - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

I’m looking at you, Angelina!

Ben’s decision to return to the compound took a lot of guts. When you look at the relentless pursuit of 828ers, surely the people returning to the compound will be locked up more thoroughly.

That doesn’t bode well for his and Michaela’s mission.

The brother and sister bond has been fully displayed throughout Manifest Season 4 as they try to help one another through the most challenging moments.

Jared Helps Cal - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Bethany’s return was a pleasant surprise and an excellent way to show that even the 828ers off-screen are facing a constant battle for survival.

I can’t even begin to imagine what was going through her mind when she got the visions of her wife in trouble.

The good news about the return is that Michaela finally got to dole out some revenge on Billy, who is quite simply the worst character on TV.

Wicks was also in contention for that title, but there was a glimmer of hope when he realized 828ers helped apprehend Billy.

Olive Plans - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

This leads me to believe there will come a point Angelina poses a public threat to everyone on Earth, and Wicks will have an about-face and ask that the 828ers help during the final battle.

Speaking of Angelina, it was nice she kept away from the premiere. With all the power running through her veins by the end of Manifest Season 4 Episode 10, the show would be wise to use her sparingly before the final battle.

Angelina is polarizing, but all of that power should raise the stakes, and until the show is ready to follow suit, it’s hard to watch her scenes.

What are your thoughts on the midseason premiere?

Zeke Returns - Manifest Season 4 Episode 11

Did you expect Zeke to be sending messages to Michaela? Do you think it’s someone posing as Zeke?

What’s your take on the Stone children struggling to survive?

Hit me with your best theory about Captain Daly’s return!

Manifest Season 4, Part 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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