My Adventures With Superman – Two lanes Diverged – Review: Emotions Running High


This week’s episode was full of emotions along with more easter eggs for DC Comic characters. While last week brought us some heroes, this week was full of villains. You have to take the good with the bad and Superman would be nothing without the villains. 

Clark is still trying to link up with Lois and it seems that these two just cannot get it together. Lois is busy however, dealing with her father who was lured out of hiding by Winn Schott aka Toyman. It was great to see a new version of this villain come to life. In the episode even though he betrayed General Lane he appeared to regret his decision. I am sure we will see him and his toys again. 
General Lane and Lois had an emotional episode, Toyman and Task Force X aside. Through a series of flashbacks, we’ve seen how being a military kid affected Lois. She was always on the move, never able to make friends and constantly being tested by her father. She spent the whole episode on the run with him but he just would not listen to her needs and when it looks like he finally was going to stay with her he leaves (for her own safety). The voice acting between Alice Lee and Joel da la Fuente was really good here. 
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Meanwhile, Jimmy gets invited as a keynote speaker at a symposium located at Star Labs as Superman’s best friend. Thinking he is going to speak about how wonderful Superman is, he naturally invites Clark. Jimmy is treated like a celebrity and is eating it up much to Clark’s happiness. It is short lived however when it is revealed that Lex Luthor setup the event to bad mouth Superman and he actually ends up changing a few peoples minds after Superman fights Task Force X and destroys everything. As the crowd starts to turn on Superman, Jimmy runs away without defending his friend. 
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Clark goes to Lois’ but overhears General Lane calling him weird Lois agrees and he flies away before he hears her say that she loves him anyway. Would’ve been a great time to use that super hearing. Feeling lost and alone, he uses the device to send Kara a message. I hope we get to see her soon. 
Another great episode for fans to enjoy. There really isn’t anything that bothered me about the episode. The show keeps getting better and better. I loved how Jimmy got some love and speaking of Jimmy, be sure to check out my interview with voice actor Ishmel Sahid who brings Jimmy to life over on our YouTube channel. 
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