Michael Mosley, British TV Presenter, Found Dead at 67 After Days-Long Search

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Michael Mosley, a prominent medical journalist and TV presenter, has died. The 67-year-old had been missing on the Greek isle Symi since Wednesday, June 5, prompting a large-scale search.

Greek officials said on Sunday, June 9, that Mosley’s body was found on a beach in Agia Marina, according to The New York Times.

Mosley arrived on Symi on Tuesday, June 4, for a weeklong stay on the island. The following day, Mosley told friends he’d walk the two miles from Agios Nikolaos beach back to his accommodations in the town of Symi. When he didn’t return, firefighters, police officers, and volunteers searched the area, and a spokeswoman for the Greek police said it was Symi mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas who spotted Mosley’s body, the Times reports.

Trained as a doctor, Mosley produced the Emmy-nominated BBC series The Human Face, hosted the popular BBC health podcast Just One Thing, and contributed to the TV show Trust Me, I’m A Doctor. Recently, he presented the Channel 4 series Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? and Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop.

Clare Bailey Mosley, the journalist’s wife, released a statement after his body was found. “I don’t know quite where to begin with this. It’s devastating to have lost Michael, my wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband,” she said, per Deadline. “We had an incredibly lucky life together. We loved each other very much and were so happy together. I am incredibly proud of our children, their resilience and support over the past days.”

She added: “My family and I have been hugely comforted by the outpouring of love from people from around the world. It’s clear that Michael meant a huge amount to so many of you. We’re taking comfort in the fact that he so very nearly made it. He did an incredible climb, took the wrong route, and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team.

“Michael was an adventurous man, it’s part of what made him so special. We are so grateful to the extraordinary people on Symi who have worked tirelessly to help find him. Some of these people on the island, who hadn’t even heard of Michael, worked from dawn till dusk unasked. We’re also very grateful to the press who have dealt with us with great respect.

“I feel so lucky to have our children and my amazing friends. Most of all, I feel so lucky to have had this life with Michael. Thank you all.”

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