Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down Mid Bon Jovi Tune, Why?

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Kelly Clarkson recently broke down while covering a Bon Jovi classic tune. What happened to her that caused her to botch this performance?

Kelly Clarkson Is An Industry Powerhouse

As the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson has had nothing short of a meteoric rise since she won the inaugural season of the popular singing competition. Over the last two decades, she has proven that her winning the show was no fluke, either.

Kelly Clarkson has one of those iconic voices where, no matter what you throw her way, she can sing it. Of course, it only made sense to add a Kellyoke segment to her popular talk show, where she does exactly that. Kelly Clarkson takes popular songs and performs renditions of them, and it has been a huge hit with her fans.

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Clarkson Breaks Down While Singing A Classic Bon Jovi Tune

During a recent segment of Kellyoke, Kelly Clarkson tried her hand at a classic Bon Jovi tune. She put her vocal chops to the test against Blaze of Glory, but, she broke down while playing the song in rehearsal.

Clarkson was candid about this, offering her viewers an explanation, especially since her fans know that she is capable of covering anything with the kind of voice that she has.

From the moment Kelly Clarkson came onto the scene, she proved that she is capable of so much more than your typical pop voice. Clarkson can dabble in country, rock, and blues without missing a beat. This is a big reason why her Kellyoke segments have become such a hit with fans, because she covers all styles, showing that her versatility is still off the charts.

Kelly Clarkson - Kelly Clarkson Show
Kelly Clarkson – Kelly Clarkson Show

Stronger Singer Opens Up About Blunder

One of the many things that Kelly Clarkson fans love about her is that she is never afraid to laugh at herself. She recently opened up about why she messed up the Bon Jovi tune. According to her, the song almost “killed” her.

Clarkson went on to say she “messed it up like a gazillion times.” According to her, it had nothing to do with her not being able to hit the notes. In her words, she “couldn’t read,” and she kept “saying the wrong words.”

@kellyclarksonshow Going down in a “Blaze of Glory” 😆 #kellyoke #kellyclarkson #bonjovi #fail #bloopers ♬ original sound – Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson hinted at having someone come “rescue” her at the end, and it was none other than Jon Bon Jovi. The iconic singer laughed off Clarkson messing up his song, and even gave her a hug for her effort. So, from the looks of it, it was all good in the end. As a bonus, fans get a hilarious clip that they can watch back.

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