Neighbours Spoilers for the Week of 10-30-23: Will JJ Finally Spill His Secret?


Will JJ FINALLY tell his secret?

He’s been worrying for weeks that if his mums knew that Andrew may be his biological father, the bad blood between the two families would get worse.

But Neighbours spoilers for the week of 10-30-23 suggest that he’ll finally tell all after Andrew springs into action to rescue Remi from a possible anthrax attack.

JJ kept quiet because he feared it would ruin both families’ lives if everyone knew the truth. But things can’t get much worse for the relations between the Rodwells and the Varga-Murphys now!

Cara has grudgingly accepted that Andrew is the cop two doors down who will help during an emergency. Still, no love is lost between her and Wendy — and when Wendy admits she inadvertently brought violence to Cara’s door, that’ll blow up any chance of reconciliation.

Two Families Lives Turned Upside Down - Neighbours

Your worst enemy’s son becoming your stepson is a new twist on the tired soap trope of adult (or nearly adult) biological children coming out of nowhere.

Andrew already has some affection for JJ, much to Cara’s annoyance, but will Wendy accept him as part of the family? And more importantly, how will Cara and Remi take the news?

Cara’s already demonstrated that she’s slow to let go of grudges, and she’s unlikely to change her tune if she learns Andrew is her son’s biological father. This reveal can only cause more drama between the families!

Meanwhile, Nell and Terese get so close to co-existing, only for Nell to overhear something that causes trouble. Could this be about the school closing? Or is there some other secret that sets her off?

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Face-to-Face - Neighbours

Haz and Holly meet with Ed to get Mackenzie’s stuff back.

Soap characters always do stupid things, but this has to be one of the worst.

While Ed is allegedly not violent, he took off with everyone’s stuff. And he gives off stalker vibes.

He did Mackenzie a favor by disappearing before she became more deeply involved with this obsessive love story. Now her friends better leave him alone before something happens that shouldn’t!

Andrew to the Rescue - Neighbours

Andrew springs into action to try to rescue Remi from the potential anthrax attack.

As much as Cara hates the Rodwells, she’ll have to admit that it’s helpful to have a cop two doors down.

Andrew will spring into action, helping Remi safely out of the situation, though things may be touch and go for a while.

But Wendy’s guilty conscience will soon neutralize any positive feelings Cara has toward Andrew, as spoilers suggest that Wendy will confess to her part in this.

Two Bombshell Revelations - Neighbours

JJ drops a bombshell that could turn two families’ lives upside down.

Wendy’s confession isn’t the only one that could cause significant trouble.

JJ will finally admit that he thinks Andrew is his biological father.

How will everyone take this? Cara will likely be upset, but will Wendy and Andrew weather the storm, or will they break up for the sake of drama?

Haz at the Crossroads - Neighbours

Haz and Billie have a falling out.

According to spoilers, Haz’s confrontation with Ed leads to a crossroads for him. This is what causes a problem between him and Billie.

Could Billie finally realize that she will never be able to compete with Haz’s feelings for Mackenzie?

It’s about time Haz and Mackenzie got together, so removing one obstacle will help.

A New Lead - Neighbours

Reece and Byron get a new lead in their search for Krista.

What new lead is this? Will they finally get some info about the car Krista had when she stayed at Lassiter’s?

Reece and Byron are still among the worst TV couples in recent history, but at least the search for Krista makes them more interesting.

Paul may interfere, though, especially since he doesn’t know what’s going on but does know that someone’s been in his office.

Sadie is Concerned - Neighbours

Sadie is concerned about a new development in Haz’s love life.

Sadie is far too invested in other people’s love lives. Maybe she should focus on getting a partner of her own.

The bad news is that Haz and Mackenzie aren’t getting together yet. The Ed situation has made Holly see Haz in a new light.

Ugh. This is like when Days of Our Lives’ Talia interfered once the path was finally clear for a Johnny/Chanel reunion. There’s no need to drag this out; let’s get Mack her happy ending already!

Nell Overhears - Neighbours

Nell overhears something that’ll cause trouble just as she and Terese finally bond.

What on Earth could this be?

Nell didn’t like the idea of going to a school that might be bulldozed soon, but will she care enough about the Jane/Terese conflict for it to be a dealbreaker?

It’s more likely that this has something to do with Melanie. Maybe she learns that Melanie’s in town or is having second thoughts about having left Toadie.

That would trigger Nell’s desire to replace Terese with Melanie all over again.

Playing With Fire - Neighbours

Trouble is in store when Paul invites Tess to dinner while Jane insists on having one for Byron and Reece.

Paul doesn’t know that Tess is involved with Reece’s secret mission, but he does know she’s the Sinclairs’ right-hand woman.

Inviting Tess to dinner is bound to cause trouble, but not nearly as much as Jane’s insistence on inserting herself into Byron and Reece’s relationship.

Whether she’s approving or disapproving, Jane is overbearing. Can she please visit Mike already?

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