SEAL Team Star Addresses Season 6 Renewal Chances


SEAL Team got a new lease on life when it moved from CBS to Paramount+ last year, but will the book be closing on the popular military drama?

SEAL Team Season 5 wrapped last week, giving closure to many long-running storylines, but it also featured the biggest cliffhanger in the history of the series.

Fans are now left to ponder the future of the Bravo Team, and with no indication of whether the show is coming back, all we can do is speculate.

Paying Respects - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 3

David Boreanaz opened up about the show’s future in an interview with TV Insider following the season finale.

“I can’t say. What I could just say is that we’ve done great for Paramount+,” the Jason actor said in response to a question about a sixth season. 

“You look at the numbers and the streaming, and then we’ve been trending as one of their number one shows for the past few weeks. So we’re doing good for ’em.”

Indeed, the show has remained buzzy in its move to streaming, but it has been grittier.

Waiting for a Command - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

The move has given the show a new destination to tell more thorough storylines, but how long could Boreanaz stay on the show?

“I don’t know. I think for me, it’s really relative to the stories that we’re telling, and I’m excited more so about the switch to Paramount+,” Boreanaz told the outlet. 

“I find that that of all the streaming networks, this is a very positive one, and they’re very aggressive in the way they do their shows.”

“I still feel like this show moving over there and the potential of going on to another season and whatnot; the show won’t be drastically different, but it will have a slower burn to it,” he said of the future. 

Fire With Fire - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 11

“It’ll be more of like what happens in two weeks over a 10-episode order. It’s not just this huge season of — we don’t have to invest so much in certain areas of the storylines, but it may be like, hey, they get up, and this is their day, and that’s ten episodes.”

“It’s very similar to like a 24 kind of aspect, but you really get to really now get under the skin of the characters, see where these men and women are and see how they’re affected from when they wake up to when they go to bed. I think that’s fascinating.”

What are your thoughts on a potential renewal?

Do you think the end of Season 5 is satisfying as a conclusion?

Jason Knows He's Caught - SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 12

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