Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode eight Evaluate: The Everlasting Engineer


Properly, Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8 was in all probability the best reversal of fortunes offered to this point in a single providing.

It is truthfully a little bit mind-boggling that we might begin with some basic unrest and finish with an entire management change in a solitary hour of narrative.

Even Snowpiercer Season 1 required a number of episodes for the revolution to succeed. It additionally required Melanie to change sides.

So, who’s our lynchpin this time round?

Hard Decisions - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

Properly, the simple reply is Wilford.

In spite of everything, he plans to overcome Snowpiercer. He orchestrated the bloodbath of the breach employees. He lured Audrey again to Massive Alice. He is rigorously sowed seeds of doubt about Melanie’s survival.

The phantasm has its worth if it takes the ache away.


Past that, he ordered the modification of Icy Bob, turning him into one thing else. Josie’s in that quagmire now too.

However the plan he made wasn’t precisely the one which unfolded, and that is the place we get to see one other layer to The Everlasting Engineer.

Smug Wilford - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

Suppose this by with me.

The termination of the breach employees was meant to be absolute. Breachman Boscovic was by no means meant to outlive. He solely lived as a result of Layton and Roche bought to him earlier than the murderer assigned to him did.

Thus, there was by no means meant to be a breach employee accessible on Snowpiercer when Icy Bob caught that railway spike into the trains gills.

Whether or not the spike was meant to contact the hydrogen regulator and fry the god module is a query mark.

Was the precise goal the god module and flooding the prepare only a bonus?

Busted - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

They solely realized the god module was fried as soon as the spike was eliminated, and the hydrogen readings have been nonetheless fluctuating madly.

If Boscovic had been killed by the murderer or had refused to exit, the spike would by no means have been eliminated, and the prepare would’ve continued to flood.

The fried module would not have been detected, and the prepare would’ve shut down fully earlier than they ever realized they have been operating out of gas.

Are you able to do it, Layton? No, you are not an engineer. How will you anticipate to guide the prepare? You do not even perceive the way it works.


With the prepare stopped, there would have been no means of hiding Wilford’s return. It will’ve been spectacle and pomp excessive and past.

Nevertheless, as a result of they caught it early, they have been capable of sneak him in comparatively quietly.

And He's Back - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

And that is the place Layton’s plans began to unravel, and Wilford was capable of pivot to victory.

If this restore had been easy, there’s an opportunity they may’ve gotten him again to Massive Alice.

However Melanie’s hack created the unexpected and dramatic want for a complete shutdown and restart.

Layton: Video games upon video games.
Wilford: There’s just one conductor of the orchestra.

As soon as Wilford addressed the prepare to order the shutdown, it was the start of the tip.

And as soon as the prepare was efficiently restarted, it was clear that Layton and the Tail had misplaced.

Layton's Fear - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

In Wilford’s time within the engine server automotive, we noticed his actual acumen as an engineer.

Nevertheless evil his intentions, the person is aware of his prepare.

Moreover, he innovated in a disaster, formulated a plan of motion, and gave clear directions for its execution.

Alex: He warned me about this. He mentioned that you simply maintain again, it is your foremost transfer. He mentioned that there is two various kinds of folks on this world. There’s dreamers, and there is schemers. And the dreamers can construct the world up however the schemers slither their means by.
Mel: What do you assume?
Alex: I believe he says quite a bit when he is excessive.

It is humorous what he advised Alex about dreamers and schemers as a result of he slithers higher than anybody on both prepare, even Pike.

To date, we have now seen proof that he isn’t solely capable of roll with the punches, he is all the time capable of flip the state of affairs to his benefit.

Mr. Wilford - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

Trying previous Wilford, there are nonetheless others who maintain affect on Snowpiercer.

One of the simplest ways to establish them is by searching for who Wilford has eliminated – Audrey, Josie, Layton, Roche.

Though Audrey involves thoughts first, technically, the primary individual taken to Massive Alice was Josie on Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4.

We had very completely different journeys, however we have been each leaders on Snowpiercer. We spent years being chargeable for others. And now that we’re right here, with out all that weight…I do not learn about you, however I’ve by no means slept so properly. The longer term is yours if you’d like it.


It is unknown how a lot Wilford knew about Josie’s management within the Tail, however her wounds made her vital to him as a brand new candidate for Icy Bob’s vocation.

Seeing him assist her overcome her phantom pains gives a strong instance of the charisma with which he spins his attract.

Welcome to Big Alice - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 5

Bringing Audrey again to his aspect on Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 5 might seem like motivated solely by private affection, however taking the lady who has acted as a therapist for the whole lot of Snowpiercer for seven years is a calculated transfer.

She was a supply of consolation and therapeutic for a lot of. Additionally, she was aware of everybody’s deepest fears and losses. In all probability their perversions too.

Josie: You have defected.
Audrey: I’ve returned.

As as to whether Audrey has actually defected or whether or not it is a deep-cover, lengthy con, I select to consider the latter. I believe I’ve to.

That is how I see it: Wilford has a radar for disloyalty. Alex has already been shut out as a result of she dared to like her mom greater than him.

Audrey is aware of him higher than anybody, so if she is to place herself to assist Layton, she has to immerse herself within the individual she was earlier than The Freeze.

Roche - Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 4

The character who has held the road, for higher or worse, has all the time been Roche.

I used to be nervous when his spouse, Anne, and daughter, Carly, out of the blue appeared within the flesh. His household had been such a Mrs. Columbo all through the collection that my radar instantly lit up.

And rightly so. My head nonetheless spins after I take into consideration how we went from Roche’s voiceover to him being drawered together with his household in ONE hour. And my coronary heart breaks.

Issues crumble, proper? Or do they? Who can inform anymore what’s true, what’s a Wilford ruse? So we cling on too tight to what we do know. Crack ourselves into tougher factions. We’re not afraid of our Ag Sec failing or biosecurity anymore. We’re lighting pink lanterns for Wilford as a result of we’re afraid of one another. And me, I am out right here promoting the one widespread floor left, that we’re all human beings. You already know, who want love and connection and house for hope. Or we kill one another. What’s it about current historical past that is so friggin’ exhausting to recollect?


A conversion that may show important is Boki, the Final Breachman, realizing that Wilford was behind the prepare’s sabotage. As one in all his staunchest supporters, that realization in all probability value him quite a bit, particularly after the bloodbath of his fellow breach employees.

Wilford gave me this himself. He mentioned,’Breachmen danger their lives for me. With this, I pledge the identical to you.’ Take it, Possibly you possibly can shove it up his ass sooner or later, huh? Sir.


The Wilford medallion seems a number of occasions all through. First, it’s a token Boki lays on the our bodies of his useless comrades. Then, Wilford will get it for Icy Bob when he returns from his mission. Lastly, it’s defined by Boki when he offers it to Layton.

Osweiller - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

One thing that stunned me was the dynamic between Osweiller and LJ.

Actually, I had assumed that they’d instantly jumped into an intimate relationship as soon as they paired up, nevertheless it’s clear that he is actually been defending and mentoring her the entire time.

LJ: Oh no, right here comes Hospitality.
Oz: Okay, so that is the place we shine, LJ. We do a bang-up job, they cannot take Janitorial away from us. Yeah? Prepared.
LJ: Let’s janitor this bitch.

It is weirdly candy contemplating who we’re speaking about. The ex-brakeman who charged blowjobs for morphine and the ex-Firstie who reduce the penises of random males simply to really feel one thing. They have been by no means going to be the promenade king and queen.

Having such a shy and unsure trade of affection declarations was in all probability essentially the most surprising scene within the script for me.

Oz: You have been nice in the present day.
LJ: Yeah? Yeah! Yeah, I used to be like some working-class motion hero.

As I’ve mentioned, they don’t seem to be a pair I’d’ve ever predicted being sympathetic in the direction of, nevertheless it simply goes to indicate that each character on this present has humanity value cheering for.

Breachman in Action - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 8

I’ve meant to offer correct kudos to the manufacturing group for some time, nevertheless it wasn’t till Breachman Boki was climbing round exterior the prepare with nobody to again him up and nothing however a flimsy harness protecting him from flying off that it hit me simply how extremely cinematic this season has been.

Snowpiercer Season 1 was claustrophobic on goal. It was a homicide thriller. It conveyed the squalor of The Tail. It put folks in one another’s faces.

This season has taken us exterior the prepare on a number of events for prolonged intervals, and the scope of the frozen world has been epic.

From the shot of the breach employees’ our bodies shattering on the river’s frozen floor to the pink lantern-lit corkscrew winding of the prepare on Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 to the flashback panned photographs of pre-Freeze Chicago, the present is visually beautiful.

Lighting Up in Red - Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7

It is easy to take the surroundings with no consideration as you watch Snowpiercer online as a result of it is all the time carried out so properly, however I felt it was value taking a second to laud the group’s glorious efforts and the world they’ve created for us.

What does a Wilford-driven prepare appear to be after the revolution that occurred? How will Order be restored?

Who will probably be subsequent to be disappeared to Massive Alice?

Will loyalties be examined but once more after they move Melanie on the station?

Blow your whistle within the feedback, and tell us the way you assume Season 2 will wrap up!

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