Star Trek: Discovery Assessment: Landry Will get Ripped


It was clear from the opening scene – an atomic view of the replicator creating Burnham’s new uniform from pure power – that Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 4 was going to be a visible feast of gorgeous results, gripping motion, and epic scale.

From the 3-D mirror operate to our first glimpse of the Discovery’s bridge in battle mode (even when it was a simulation), the episode was out to impress viewers with the expertise of this future world, making it as fairly as it’s highly effective.

The slick and attractive Discovery scenes stand in counterpoint to the earthy and organic-looking Klingon ship. No much less fairly and no much less (probably) highly effective, however T’Kuvma’s ship is mechanically the antithesis of the Discovery.

Whereas Lorca is making an attempt to get his ship to mainly teleport to wherever within the recognized universe, Voq could be comfortable if his ship may handle to maneuver by itself phrases. He’s a pacesetter with fervor however little charisma and a number of self-doubt. The captains are as completely different as their ships.

And the place Lorca has his trustworthy however fatally impulsive head of safety, Landry, Voq is bolstered by the help of the intuitive and clear-sighted L’Rell.

I don’t want the mantle of management. Standing behind you, I’m free to maneuver. In a position to be your enforcer, defender, campaigner.


I discovered it attention-grabbing that the episode’s title, “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For the Lamb’s Cry” (the second longest identify for an episode in Trek historical past by the best way) is rarely referenced within the dialogue. To some extent, this enables us to take a position as to who’s the butcher and who’s the lamb on this state of affairs.

The obvious is Lorca because the butcher and Burnham because the lamb. Landry makes it clear that Burnham’s pure curiosity is seen as an obstacle to attaining the purpose of weaponizing the tardigrade creature.

Lorca is not interested by what you’re. He is interested by what you are able to do. For him.


Essentially the most literal interpretation could be Landry because the butcher and the tardigrade creature she names “Ripper” because the lamb. In spite of everything, she truly tries to chop it aside for examine. A bit just like the adage in regards to the goose that laid golden eggs.

In fact, Ripper is not any goose and Landry pays dearly for her poorly thought out dissection try. Based mostly on her scenes with Lorca and Burnham, I ponder if she wasn’t spurred to recklessness by some kind of skilled jealousy of Burnham and Lorca’s curiosity in her. I suppose we’ll by no means know now.

Burnham: You choose the creature by its look and by one single incident from its previous. Nothing in its biology suggests it will assault besides in self-defense. Commander, this creature is an unknown alien. It could solely be what it’s, not what you need it to be.
Landry: It is wonderful how a lot I hate Vulcan proverbs.

There no motive there cannot be many lambs. With Lorca wielding the blade, he could try to sacrifice Burnham, however Stamets is the one with blood on his face on this episode, and who does not have a look at Tilly and suppose sheep?

Stamets, the pure scientist, can be probably able to enjoying the butcher. His complete life has been dedicated to the spores and their potential for unlocking the universe’s secrets and techniques.

Ripper is the important thing to that lock, and he could disregard the plain ache the creature experiences with the intention to notice his life’s goal. I personally hope, a little bit half-heartedly, that he seems to be extra humane than his sciency snark would recommend.

The frontal lobe is overrated. It solely incorporates reminiscence and emotional expression. It is fully pointless.


There have been quite a lot of fascinating parts introduced within the unfolding of the primary plot-lines right here.

On the Discovery facet, they’re now in a position to be wherever within the universe within the blink of a watch. However on the Klingon facet, Kol of Home Kor now possesses an equally highly effective instrument within the type of T’Kuvma’s cloaking expertise.

It is a intergalactic sport of cat and mouse, besides that the cat is as quick as thought, and the mouse is invisible.

Burnham’s relationship with Ripper could show problematic for not solely her private discomfort in exploiting the creature however for the remainder of the crew (and command), in the event that they resolve to take over the dealing with of the tardigrade as a result of Ripper likes her again (in case you missed the that means of that pet canine lick it gave her.)

If Voq goes to the Home of Mokai’s matriarchs for management coaching, we’ll be actually immersed in some old-school Klingon self-discipline. Thoughts you, if they begin chanting, “What’s useless can by no means die,” I might not be overly impressed.

Saru’s risk ganglia are a neat use of the organic in such a tech-heavy style. As a species bred to be prey, it’s logical that Kelpians would develop skills to detect hazard. Why it needs to be so outwardly apparent is a little bit past me.

Burnham: You may inform your risk ganglia to calm down. I am solely right here to assist.
Saru: My ganglia stay unconvinced.

I completely loved Saru’s scenes with Burnham because it confirmed respect for his or her shared historical past and tragedy. His mistrust of her and her strategies is an trustworthy response to what occurred on the Shenzhou.

If he had welcomed her to the Discovery, it will’ve been extraordinarily out of protecting with what we all know of his character to this point.

And with Lorca resting his aspirations on Burnham and Tilly growing some talkative type of hero worship for her, it is refreshing to have somebody at all times able to name the rankless former First Officer to account. I stay up for seeing how they be taught to cooperate.

There is a parallel between Burnham’s new begin and Voq’s defeat by the hands of Kol. Every should start on the backside with the intention to obtain their targets. Burnham is a Starfleet officer with no rank, whereas Voq is a Klingon with no home. They have to each sacrifice with the intention to rise to the event.

We are the tip of the spear in a science vessel stuffed with wide-eyed explorers.


Who else was completely riveted by the motion scenes on Corvan-2? Lorca’s endurance in luring the Klingon’s in was intense. Isaac instructions not solely the Discovery however the focus of viewers when he directs the battle like a maestro standing at his podium. As a result of he by no means sits. Severely.

I examine struggle. That is the place I hone my craft. I attempt to be taught from the very best.


Remember to watch Star Trek: Discovery online and experience all of the cinematic-level visuals. Any one of many episodes which have aired to this point would look phenomenal on a film display screen. What an incredible time we reside in for leisure high quality.

Was anybody else a little bit stunned at Landry’s demise? I positively did not count on her to chew it so quickly. Additionally, how terrible was it to be taught that the Klingons ATE Captain Georgiou? Oh, ew…

Stamets and Saru are brutally trustworthy of their interactions with Burnham however, in her personal manner, so is Tilly. I believe they’ve made it abundantly clear that the Discovery is NOT a diplomatic vessel by any means.

What are we hoping for subsequent? Extra Klingon immersion? I am hoping for fewer Voq-L’Rell soulful gazes. Klingons do not do mushy. 

I would additionally wish to see Burnham and Lorca sparring with a few of these weapons he is collected.

Lorca’s menagerie has been referred to as out by observant Trekkers as a bit anachronistic.

It would to good to see what kind of expertise he is acquired in his examine of struggle.

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