The Boys Ending with Season 5!!


The Boys is rapidly coming to a conclusion.

Just days before the Season 4 release on June 13, creator Eric Kripke took to social media to share the news.

The Boys Season 5 will be its last.

I have already seen the fourth season, and it’s spinning wildly toward an endpoint.

The latest season is darker than ever, with very few laughs for enjoyment. Instead, the laughter is uncomfortable and cringeworthy.

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Yes, that’s been a trademark of The Boys’ humor, but as the series leans hard into our country’s (and the world’s) political division, the show does nothing to suggest we have a way out other than all-out war.

It’s so on the nose politically that the entertainment comes in spurts, and anger and resentment build quickly.

He's Back - The Boys

The Boys thrives on characters getting their hands dirty, and watching The Boys fight the Supes with equal abandon as The Boys tried to reveal the truth behind the Supes and Vought Industries was never boring.

It’s been gore-a-rama from the word go, often with hilarious pretexts.

Season 3 saw the rise of head-splitting politician Victorian Neuman politically, which suggests a frightening future for The Boys universe.

That storyline continues with Season 4, as mudslinging, lasering, and gut-splattering get ever closer to the White House of the universe.

Victoria for Vice Pres - The Boys

By the end of Season 4 (on January 6, to give you context), you can imagine that this no-holds-barred race to the finish must come quickly.

Homelander is losing his touch, leaning on his son to lift him higher in the eyes of the public, and Billy Butcher is living on borrowed time thanks to his V dosing.

The Boys Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Kripke’s announcement that the end is nigh came with a screenshot of the latest season’s script.

Kripke has been holding this secret close to the vest!

The Boys may be ending, but the universe created lives on.

Gen V was a bonafide hit and a more nuanced look at the atrocities that brought Supes to the fore.

While we know of nothing else officially in the works, it seems logical to predict that The Boys will live on in some way as long as Kripke and Prime Video want to make it.

What do you think of the news?

Are you going to miss The Boys? Will you be tuning in to the first three episodes on Prime Video this Thursday?

Let us know in the comments below!

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