Yellowstone Round Table: Was Beth and John’s Rift Emotional or Overplayed?


It’s time to discuss Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9 with the trusty Yellowstone Round Table team!

Yellowstone Superfans, Julie Castaneda, and Jim Thomas join TV Fanatic Senior Staff Writers Whitney Evans and Jack Ori to chat about the rift between John and Beth, Kayce’s descent into his mind, and what might come from the finale.

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Yellowstone Round Table

Kayce has had encounters with the wolf through multiple seasons, and he’s finally concerned enough about it to do some digging. What do you expect Kayce to uncover?

Jim: Many people seem to have connections with certain animals. I feel a connection to the wolf, so I know there can be a feeling that’s hard to explain. I think the interactions between Kayce, Mo, and Rainwater will lead to Kayce, Monica, and their kids being the ones that bring both sides together in the future.

Jack: I liked that Kayce is engaging in a Native American ceremony to connect with his spirit animal. He has always tried to support Rainwater and the other natives while also working for John, which has been a huge conflict of interest at times.

So I expect him to find some answers about who he is and what he is destined to do in this regard. My hope is also that he and Monica become closer as a result of this experience and that we resolve any concerns about Kayce and Avery once and for all.

Whitney: I agree with Jack in that I think it will hopefully allow him to gain a greater sense of self. He has struggled at times throughout the series with reconciling who he is in relation to his family. Perhaps this ceremony will give him some answers in that respect.

Mo Leads a Crew - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

Julie: Kayce has wrestled with his perceived worthlessness. He couldn’t save his mom. No matter who or what he fights, he can’t fix that fact. The wolf in Native American lore is sacred.

Some tribes believe God roams the earth as a Wolf. I think Kayce will uncover the trauma surrounding his mother’s death and find that his courage, loyalty, and strength can come from the heart, not just from the pain of his past. I think he’ll finally be able to forgive himself.

Christina had no idea about Garrett’s past, but Jamie seemed hesitant to take her good advice about his birth father. What’s next for Jamie, Garrett, and Christina?

Jim: Jamie has lost his connection to John because of his own actions. Now Jamie must decide if his newfound relationship with Garrett is worth losing everything. Jamie may be a sorry excuse of a man, but he will do whatever is necessary to survive.

Jack: Jamie is going to fall more and more into Garrett’s trap no matter what anyone says. He couldn’t stand up to Garrett when it counted, and now that John is running against him for Governor, Jamie’s sense of betrayal over that is something Garrett can easily manipulate.

On Horseback - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

Whitney: Jamie is such a disappointment. And it’s not surprising at all, but it’s just depressing watching him make these terrible decisions. Deep down, he just wants validation, and since he’s not getting it from John, Garrett is the next best thing. And he’s not ready to give that up yet.

So, I think he’s just going to continue to drink the Garrett kool-aid for a while.

Julie: I still believe Jaime is going to turn on Garrett. I’m just not sure how much farther down the rabbit hole he will go.

There have been so many hints regarding Jaime’s mother’s identity, and I’m strongly leaning towards him finding out that his mother, Phyllis, was actually John Dutton’s sister, and I think that’s going to mean something to Jaime.

John at the Diner - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

John and Summer did sleep together. How does that change how you viewed their previous encounter?

Jim: When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas, fleas that will come back and bite you in the ass. I wouldn’t choose Summer over the Governor, but that’s just my opinion.

Jack: I was disappointed. I was so sure that John wouldn’t have been so quick to jump into bed with Summer. I’m confused about what he feels toward her and wonder if that influences his actions and opinions of her conflict with Beth.

Whitney: I first thought they did sleep together, then I changed my mind. So, now I feel indifferent about everything. Summer isn’t a likable character at all, and I don’t really have any feelings about this information.

Julie: I feel like I don’t understand the John Dutton character at all. It seems so random. I really don’t like it. I don’t like that it was a thing in the show.

Beth In the Dining Room - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

John was ready to let Summer stew for her actions until he learned that Beth was involved, and Beth’s involvement was the catalyst for a major breakdown between Beth and John. What are your thoughts on what went down?

Jim: John knows there are consequences for actions, and sometimes those actions mean jail time. So as much as he liked Summer, he was willing to let her do the time. Then when he found out that Beth had basically set her up, he had to take action to right the wrong.

While no one can deny Beth is a strong woman, she is also bat shit crazy. I don’t condone beating women, but if there was ever a spoiled brat that needed her ass spanked, it’s Beth. She needs to be locked up in the nuthouse or sent to therapy.

Jack: The thing is, it’s more complicated than John realizes. Beth is both trying to save the ranch and trying to get rid of Summer. She saw a way to do both by involving Summer in the protest against the airport being built.

John is only seeing half of this and also seeing Beth interfering in his love life but isn’t getting the full extent of what she’s trying to do. It’s taken a long time for John to want Beth involved in his business at all, and I think he was kind of forced to accept her help when he was seriously injured after the attacks.

Rip Standing Near Carter - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

But now we’re back to square one with this and then some, and John’s rejection of Beth after the progress she thought they’d made hurt her deeply.

Whitney: Their whole interaction was honestly sad because the entire season has been those two continuing to strengthen their bond. But John wasn’t wrong to lash out. Beth takes everything to the absolute extreme. It’s like there’s a line, and Beth not only crosses it but jumps beyond the next line as well.

As Jack said, John doesn’t have all the facts, but he does know that what Beth did was wrong on just about every level. And it was a decision partly based on her emotions meant to hurt John. That’s not something he was willing to look past, and I don’t blame him for that.

Julie: This is another scene that seemed out of character. John was mad. So what? But Beth getting all butt-hurt because daddy gave her an ultimatum??? I would have expected Beth to rant and finally give in and say something Beth-like.

Maybe “Fine, Dad! Go rescue the little whore, and I’ll try to work on my moral character!” But to just get all weak in the knees and cry because he said maybe… and it was a maybe, she should find another place to call home? I’m not buying it!

Carter at the Table - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

Do you expect Beth to walk away? And if so, how will that affect things with Rip and Carter?

Jim: Hopefully, her crying and breaking down can help heal some of her demons; if not, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If she goes off the deep end, neither Rip, John, or Carter will be able to pull her back.

Jack: If anyone can calm Beth down, it’s Rip, but I’m not sure how her asking Walker to play sad songs instead of turning to him right away will affect their relationship.

Beth is no quitter, and I don’t think she’s going to walk away from either John or Rip without a fight regardless of what happens.

Whitney: I highly doubt that one fight will send her packing. I can’t see it. But I do wonder what Rip will say about seeing her with Walker. Shutting the door felt really ominous to me.

Jimmy With a Horse - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

Julie: She better not! She better have a good cry with Walker and then pick her ass up and get back to work!

What scene affected you the most?

Jim: It seems like every scene with Beth is taken to the extreme, and it’s getting old. Remember when John told Jamie that Beth was evil? Well, it sure seems like the Devil’s wife has taken up residence at the Yellowstone.

If you google Homicidal-suicidal maniac, it will show Beth Dutton’s picture. So my question is, who the fuck did Kelly piss of that they would want to disfigure her for the show?

Jack: I have the opposite view of Beth than Jim does. She’s always been my favorite and even more so this season. Breaking down and crying in front of Walker showed such vulnerability that I had to go back and make sure that it was really Beth and not someone who just looked like her.

Garrett Looking Smug as Usual - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

That scene affected me a lot, as did her fight with John.

I also loved Carter playing cards in the bunkhouse. It seemed like he had finally found his place, and Rip was actually enjoying spending time with him.

Whitney: I loved the bunkhouse scene. Even during episodes that I don’t care for, there’s usually a scene or two I really enjoy. And a lot of the time, it’s scenes from the bunkhouse.

The John/Beth fight was also one of those scenes that made you hold your breath. It was so passionate and a little unexpected to see John that cold after how close the two of them have been all season.

Julie: Well, I’m a horse breeder. I love all the authenticity in the horse scenes throughout the show. Metallic Cat was absolutely majestic! I cried. It was the high of the entire show, for me! I also loved the scene where John calls Beth into the dining room. That interaction w/ Rip, Beth, and Carter was hilarious!

Jimmy Looks Flummoxed - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

What’s your favorite quote?

Jim: Rip:” Come find me after your ass whooping!” Rip knew she was going to lose even if Beth didn’t!

Jack: I loved John teaching Carter to ride, and telling him that “we’re gonna run the foul right out of your mouth” was as close as John will get to bonding with the kid.

Whitney: “This is my home.” “Might be time to find another one.” It’s not my favorite in that it was funny or anything, but it was so emotional, and I felt every bit of pain Beth felt in that moment.

Julie: What Jim said. But also, when John saw Garrett at the diner, “If you plan to get me back for you did to yourself, I will treat you like everyone else who showed up with the same idea, and I will rid the fucking world of you.”

Roping a Calf - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

What’s your guess for the finale?

Jim: Is it too much to ask for that Taylor Sheridan won’t screw it up like he has over half of this season’s episodes. Is it possible that they can do an episode that is strictly about the Yellowstone in this century? I am so over his self-promoting bullshit.

I watch the show Yellowstone. I have no desire to watch any other Taylor Sheridan show. I was curious to see the scene in Ft. Worth. Did anyone else pay attention to their attire? There is Jimmy in his bright red 6666 shirt, but the Yellowstone only got a little 2X3 patch.

I know he’s just trying to get his money’s worth out of that couple hundred million dollar investment, but please stop trying to shove that crap down our throats. I know that I am not the only Yellowstone fan fed up with it.

Jack: I’m sure the chasm between Beth and John will only get wider and will end up in something explosive happening (not literally this time, I don’t think!). We will likely also see the fallout from Rip being aware that Beth turned to Walker with her tears.

Garrett Looking Smug as Usual - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 9

Hopefully, Kayce will also complete his prayer journey, so we can understand what the wolf means for him and what decisions he needs to make next.

I also expect something big to come out of John having threatened Garrett and Garrett being nonplussed about it, as well as the whole Jamie/Garrett situation.

Whitney: I honestly just want a really good episode that leaves me excited for the next season. I have been very underwhelmed thus far, so I’d just very much like a grounded episode about the Dutton’s with a nice set-up for the next series of arcs.

A bunch of gunfire and death and whatnot wouldn’t make sense to close out this season, but I could see a John and Garrett confrontation. And I also expect there to be fallout for Beth with Rip and continued strife with John.

Julie: I think (hope) there is a stand-off with Garrett and the Dutton’s. And I hope he’s annihilated! But I fear this is the last season for John. I can barely stand to write those words, but it’s my fear. I think this is it for him. He will make a mistake that costs him his life! Nobody can kill John except himself.

What do YOU think? Hit the comments with your contributions to the conversation.

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