‘ABP’ Noah Brown Shares Cute Photo Of Beloved Household Pet

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Noah Brown doesn’t post as much for his fans as his brother Bear Brown, but the Alaskan Bush People star knows what his fans like. Noah has a few animals that ABP fans have gotten used to. This includes a pet named Triss that Noah has had for just over six years now, picking her up when she was just a baby.

The ABP star just posted an adorable photo of Triss, showing her lying content in one of her favorite spots.

Noah Brown shares cute photo of pet Triss

Noah Brown shared an adorable photo of his pet ferret Triss with his fans on Instagram. Long-time Alaskan Bush People fans will remember that Noah got Triss back in 2017 for Christmas. Noah’s sister Rhain gave him the gift for Christmas and, at the time, Triss was a cute little seven-week-old ferrit.

Noah Brown with Adam / IG

Now, just over six years later, Triss is as adorable as ever. In the photo, Noah showed a pic he snapped of his boots. Triss was sleeping inside of his boots and Noah captioned the post, “Triss has always loved cuddling up in my boots.” From the appearance of the photo, Triss was in a favorite spot and was as cute as she was when Noah first got her so many years ago.

Noah Brown doesn’t post a lot of photos of Triss, but there was one in early 2023 on Instagram that had Triss peeking out from between some pillows on the bed. The beloved family pet seems to be growing up and is as loved as ever by Noah and his family.

Will there be another Alaskan Bush People season for Noah Brown?

Noah Brown not only is taking photos of his animals for fans, but soon he might be heading back out to the island he bought two years ago for him and his wife to move into when they retire back to Alaska. While they plan to wait for their kids to finish school to move, they plan to use it as a vacation home until that time.

However, this also means that Noah had a lot of work to do on the home and the island surrounding it to get it ready. Most fans felt that would be a huge part of the new season of Alaskan Bush People. With that said, 2023 came and went and there was no new show arriving on Discovery Channel.

While Bam Bam Brown posted a hint they might be working with Discoery again, a new season still hasn’t come. If a new Alaskan Bush People season arrives in 2023, it will either have last year’s events as the focus or it won’t arrive until the end of the year, and add in what is happening this year as Bear Brown is expecting his third child. For Noah Brown, there should be a lot of new footage of what fans miss the most – Alaska.

What are your thoughts on Noah Brown’s latest photo of Triss? Are you ready for another season of Alaskan Bush People to come around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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