‘Love After Lockup’ Brittany Santiago Welcomes New Baby

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Love After Lockup star Brittany Santiago has welcomed a new baby. She changed her whole life and is happily living in Florida. Yet, something was clearly missing and now she is showing off her new addition. Read on for more details and to see the photo.

Love After Lockup Brittany Santiago Welcomes New Baby

The last time Love After Lockup fans saw Brittany Santiago was on Life After Lockup. She and her husband, Marcelino Santiago were struggling in their marriage. They had infidelity problems and then they moved from Las Vegas to Florida. She was extremely dedicated to her career in real estate which she loved but Marcelino was acting fishy. Ultimately, since they had children together, it seemed like he wanted to make it work. Therefore, he organized a vow renewal in a sweet ceremony so there was a lot of hope. Sadly, by the end of the season, they had split up.

Marcelino Santiago, Brittany Santiago-YouTube
Marcelino Santiago, Brittany Santiago-YouTube

Fans were happy to not see them on this past season of Life After Lockup as they felt their story was contrived and fake. Per Brittany’s social media, she and Marcelino are still happily separated and she is in Florida. Though it says she is in real estate, her website is under construction. However, something was missing in her life and that was another baby. Brittany just showcased her new little love via her Instagram and the photos are too precious for words. Needless to say, Brittany’s heart is completely full and bursting.

Yes, Lady has joined the family and she is nothing short of perfection. Brittany Santiago’s children have taken to her and her them. Her followers could not wait to comment on her new baby and how beautiful she is:

  • awww so freaking cute <3
  • Omggg sooo cute!! Congratulations on your new baby❤️
  • Looks like you have found TRUE unconditional LOVE. ❤️ I am happy for you and yours

Co-star, Lizzie Kommes had this to say:

  • Great.. now I need a puppy. 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

Working Hard

Though Brittany Santiago has not been on the hit WeTV show lately, she still shares her life on social media. It appears that she is currently bartending at a popular Florida bar along with her real estate endeavors. She promotes the nights that she is there as well as showcases her beautiful family. Brittany’s kids have gotten so big but they look immensely happy. That is all that really matters and now, her family has grown by one.

What do you think of Brittany’s new addition to her family? Is it making you melt? Did you miss her and Marcelino on Life After Lockup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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