Bethenny Frankel In ‘Very Serious Transformation’

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RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel is admitting that she is in the midst of a “very serious transformation.” The mogul and mother of Bryn is opening up about the changes she has been undergoing. So, what is new and exciting in her world now that she is single and pursuing new career avenues? Keep reading for more details.

Bethenny Frankel In ‘Very Serious Transformation’

It has been a whirlwind few months for Bethenny Frankel. The former RHONY star’s mother, Bernadette Birk, passed away in April 2024. Though it appeared that they had reconciled somewhat for the sake of Bethenny’s daughter, Bryn, the two had spent years estranged. Bethenny often discussed the trauma she faced growing up with her mother but that was soon water under the bridge. Shortly thereafter, Bethenny and her longtime partner/fiance, Paul Bernon, parted ways. So, she has had to process a lot within herself but luckily, she has had her podcast, Just B, and her teenage daughter.

Bethenny Frankel-YouTube
Bethenny Frankel-YouTube

Now, she has a Lifetime movie coming out, Danger in the Dorm as well as a second release of her 2023 vintage Rose. Things are shifting in her life, and according to Us Weekly, Bethenny is embracing the change:

“I am in a very, very serious transformation. And I’ve never said this before, so it’s not like I’m one of those people that is always like, ‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.’ I’ve never heard me say that, I don’t think.”

“I have had a profoundly transformative experience after my divorce [from Jason Hoppy], [my self-titled] YouTube series [and] my mother’s passing. I am in the deepest transformation and I am in shock at how happy I am. I’ve never felt like this, it’s wild. I’m really, really happy [and] at peace. … I’m really happy emotionally.”

Bethenny Frankel admitted on RHONY that she had initially always wanted to be an actress and had tried it early in her career. Now, she is getting her moment with the Lifetime original movie, airing June 16th.

She plays a mother desperate to get her daughter home from school amid a murder. Luckily, she had her own daughter to help tell her when she was doing a good or bad job.

Being On Her Own

Along with Bethenny Frankel’s acting career and learning who she is in her grand transformation, she is also seeing what life is like alone. RHONY fans first met her with a boyfriend and then she moved on to Jason Hoppy. Eventually, she dated Dennis Shields who died from an overdose before linking up with Paul Bernon. Yet, she admits she is “perfectly happy being alone.” Bethenny also loves that her daughter, Bryn is not boy crazy and has a solid crew of girls:

“I will say, ‘Oh, are you going to invite a couple of girls and a couple of boys?’ [And Bryn will] say, ‘I just want to be with the girls this weekend,’ which is so cute. And I love that because I like that she’s not boy-crazy or desperate. But again, she sees that in me. … I like being alone.”

She often films the duo out and about, getting their nails done or trying new candies. So, they are living their best lives and have each other. This is something Bethenny was not sure she wanted a baby until Bryn came along and it was the perfect match.

Are you excited to see what’s in store for Bethenny Frankel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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