‘BIP’ Kylee Russell, Aven Jones Apart For Finale?

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Bachelor in Paradise couple Kylee Russell and Aven Jones have a big decision to make. She wanted an engagement and he didn’t. Spoilers are out about what happened on the beach on that final day. Were they even together for the big finale airing on ABC? Keep reading to find out more.

Did BIP couple Kylee Russell and Aven Jones spend finale night apart?

Reality Steve already revealed that Season 9 Bachelor in Paradise couple Kylee Russell and Aven Jones did not get engaged in the finale. Instead, he reported months ago that they did leave as a couple in a relationship.

There have been sightings of the couple post-filming. They didn’t exactly try to hide their time together. It’s obvious they both did have feelings for one another.

So, on a night when they can finally go public with their relationship, are they even spending it together?

The answer is that it does not appear so. Kylee went to Instagram to share a story saying it was the last watch party. She scanned the room which contained her family members all sitting around watching the show.

Aven also posted an Instagram Story while the show was airing and it was of him playing basketball in a gym. He wrote “My peace.”

What does this mean?

At this moment, nobody is sure what that means for their relationship. Steve confirmed they were a couple post-show and have been together. However, it’s slightly odd they are not spending the finale night together.

So far neither have posted on social media giving a relationship update. Bachelor in Paradise normally has a reunion episode. However, this year they just did a straight three-hour show on the beach.

Everyone has been scouring the internet for clues about their status.

Kylee Russell and Aven Jones via Insta

Fans are speculating

Of course, right now there is nothing to do but wait and see what others are speculating regarding Kylee Russell and Aven Jones. In the past week, there has been some controversy as to why Kylee chased Blake Moynes as he chose to leave the beach.

She kept saying she couldn’t do Paradise without him there and basically begged him to stay.

Did this interaction possibly confuse and frustrate Aven just as much as it did Bachelor Nation?

Blake even noted he was confused as to what was going on.

What do you think? Did Kylee and Aven already call it quits? Or were they just in different places to protect the outcome of the show?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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