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Deadliest Catch Season 20 premiered on June 11 and ahead of that, Sig Hansen revealed some of his greatest fears about the Bering Sea. The Discovery Channel star talked about times when they might never make it back to shore. Keep reading to find out more.

Captain Sig Hansen Is Very Experienced At Sea

This year, Jake Anderson joined the experienced captain aboard the Northwestern. He lost his vessel so Sig took him on. But, the captains are not playing around. They push the limits and already, those Discovery Channel fans who watched the premiere rave about it. Naturally, many people wonder if Jake will manage under pressure.

Captain Sig Hansen [Discovery UK | YouTube]
Sig Hansen – Deadliest Catch – Discovery UK- YouTube

The cold waters and the dangerous Bering Sea can mean that making a mistake will cost lives, and there’s little chance of survival. So, working around the clock, people need to keep their eyes on their surroundings and on each other. Sig spoke on Fox News Digital about how the weather can be the most terrifying thing at sea.

Deadliest Catch Can Be Deadly Dangerous

The crews that fans see on the fishing vessels lead extremely dangerous lives. And, with 20 years at sea, Sig is well-placed to relate some of the most terrifying moments in his life. The vessels are not giant ocean liners, and the weather is probably the biggest thing to watch out for. The old sea hand mentioned that particular aspect in his interview.

Sig Hansen's Vessel Northwestern - Deadliest catch Discovery Channel - YouTube
Sig Hansen’s Vessel Northwestern – Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel – YouTube

Sig Hansen elaborated, saying:

I think the biggest challenge is always the weather…We’ve had events where the boat was icing down to the point where I thought there was no return…. there were challenges where I’ve seen boats literally go down. You know, eight miles away from me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. You watch people and friends that you know, and you’re literally in the fog. They’re right over there and there’s nothing I can do about it, and they’re gone.

Season 20 Of Deadliest Catch Premiere

After the premiere of Deadliest Catch on Tuesday, many people took to platform X to say how good the season is already. There were dangerous times, and already an injury. While the crew might experience terrifying times like fire on board, it seems that many fans are glued to their TVs watching them do a difficult job. Here are some comments:

  • @mzcarlasnow4: I had so much fun while watching your show! Sig and Jonathan y’all rock!!!
  • @alicesmonkey: Loved it. I’d watch another 20 seasons. Just saying. Nice to see some of the younger captains getting their feet wet.
  • @_RobQuillen: I am so fired up to watch the season premier #DeadliestCatch tonight. I love this show so much. I can’t believe it’s been on 20 years.
  • I loved the pre season premiere show!

What are your thoughts about Discovery Channel’s Captain Sig Hansen feeling that the weather is the most terrifying thing that can take his boat out? Do agree that it must be a very worrying time for the families back home? Would you go crabbing in the Bering Sea? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Deadliest Catch news. 

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